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Michael H. Reichmann

The Publisher and Primary Author of This Site

Photographer on Dunes
Photographer on The Dunes — Death Valley, CA 1997 

Michael Reichmann has been both a professional photographer as well as avid amateur for more than 35 years.  Born in England, he was raised and educated in Quebec.  He began his photographic career in a commercial studio and then worked as a medical photographer at a major teaching hospital in Montreal.  A one-man gallery exhibition and TV special at age 20 lead to a position as staff photographer for The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Toronto, a position that he held for nine years; from the mid-60's through the early 70's.

In Canyonlands — © 2000 Steve Kossack

In the mid-70's he shifted to the business side of photography and worked for several major Canadian equipment distributors.  He was a product and sales manager for several brands of professional photographic and video products.  During that time he also taught view-camera technique at community colleges in the Toronto area.

This was followed by a five year stint as a freelancer in the motion picture industry and then as a photojournalist — leading to numerous publications of his work. Selected images from that period form part of the permanent print collection of The National Film Board of Canada.

In the early 1980's Reichmann left behind an active role in professional photography and worked as a senior executive and entrepreneur in the computer software and telecommunication industries.  Over many years he has written numerous articles for magazines and professional journals.  He has also been an invited speaker to many international conferences on the subjects of video, software development, telecom and photography . His photography has been displayed in several gallery exhibitions over the years and numerous publications.

In Monument Valley   In Monument Valley — © 1999 Steve Kossack

Co-founder in the late-1980's of a public telecommunications company, he currently holds 8 granted U.S. and international patents in the fields of telecom and computer communications.  His biography has been listed in Who's Who in Canada

In 1997 Reichmann left the corporate world of the telecom industry and now devotes his full-time energies to landscape photography, photographic journalism, print collecting and teaching — among other pursuits.  He is a Contributing Editor to Photo Techniques Magazine  and writes from time to time for other publications as well. Reichmann has created this web site as a forum for the display and discussion of landscape photography, digital imaging techniques, and related topics. 

His two most recent publishing activities are the Video Journal, a unique quarterly magazine published on DVD, and The Monograph, a beautifully custom-bound book of 26 landscape photographs taken between 1996 and 2001.

What Am I Up To?

So much there is to catch,
And the years so short,
That there is scarce time to snatch
Pen, palette, or aught,
And to seize some shape we can see,
That others may keep
Its moment of mystery,
Then go to our sleep.

                        Lord Dunsany


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