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The Sunday Morning Photographer

A Column About Photography By Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston was Editor-in-Chief of PHOTO Techniques magazine from 1994-2000. From 1988 to 1994 he was East Coast Editor of the late and much lamented Camera & Darkroom magazine. Consequently he has been one of the most influential editors on the American photographic magazine scene during the past decade.

Mike is also a prolific writer. Now, on the first Sunday morning of each month Mike writes a column for The Luminous Landscape with his often controversial observations and opinions on the passing photographic scene.


Column Listing

Arguments, Strife, and Polemics:
More on the Killing of Mazen Dana
I’m a Sony Man
Comments on the Canon 300D
and Sony 828
The Nun's Hand
an examination of the question of photographic taste
Getting Better
the one crucial sentence
that we all need to to say
Land of The Free
Where can you photograph?
Two Nikons and a Minolta
Three contemporary film cameras
Lashed to the Mast: The Digital Odyssey
The worlds of B&W and digital collide
Collecting Photography Books
Mike looks at the art of photographic book collecting
Best of 2002
Mike's opinions on the best photographic products of the past year
Pentax Under Glass
Thoughts on the forthcoming Pentax DSLR
What it is, how to eliminate it and how to live with it when you must.
Simplicity Thy Name is... Digital!?!
A guest commentary by Dan Honemann
I Get Mail
Some thoughtful feedback from Mike's readers
Confessions of a Cameraholic
Is it about cameras or photography?
How Many is Too Many?
A look at lens ownership
My Favorite Lens
In praise of the Pentax 50mm SMC Takumar
November 10, 2002 — On Photography Magazines
A look at what's working in the industry, and what isn't
October 27, 2002 — This Bothers Me
Does excessive cropping and zooming too tight bother you?
October 20, 2002 — Miscellaneous Notes #1
Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee / Vestal booklet / Steal this print / Pentax DSLR / Zuiko 50mm
October 6, 2002 — Give That Cat The Boot: Editing 101
One thing that pros do better than the rest of us: editing
September 29, 2002 — Kodak Fights Back
Kodak steals the show at Photokina 2002
September 22, 2002 — The 50mm Lens and Metaphysical Doubt
You don’t need a Summicron to take a decent picture
September 15, 2002 — That Classic Look
Sometimes it’s not a question of ‘best,’ but of what look you like
September 1, 2002 — On Self-Assignment
One self-improvement exercise anybody can do
August 25, 2002 — Grandfather Mountain
A famous North Carolina nature preserve gives free clinics for nature photographers
August 4, 2002 — Photokina 2002 and the 'Olydak'
Rumors of the Kodak-Olympus collaboration and why it may make sense
July 28, 2002 — Real Photographers Don't Use Sonys
A review of the Sony F-707 digital camera
July 21, 2002 — 'Just Say NO' to Digital SLRs
In all the hooplah over DSLRs, we shouldn’t forget about the advantages inherent in digicams
July 14, 2002 — Black-and-White Tonality
“FDP” stands for the three main factors that influence tonality in B&W prints
July 7, 2002 — Key Thoughts and the Zen of Fishing
Why it’s important to be open to serendipity when evaluating what you’ve shot
June 30, 2002 — Hartmann Single Black
Interview with Nicholas Hartmann, Part II (continued from June 16th)
June 16, 2002 — Hartmann Single Black
A procedure For printing scanned 35mm black-and-white negatives
June 9, 2002 — Twenty Aprils: The Classic Era of the SLR
What exactly is a ‘classic’ SLR and where can you get one?
June 2, 2002 — The Best (Autofocus) Lenses Money Can Buy
Once and future kings: it’s Pentax and Zeiss, baby, just like the old days
May 26, 2002 — Kustomizing Kameras
Using one brand of lens on another brand of camera
May 19, 2002 — "Image is Everywhere"
A sarcastic look at the rampant overuse of the weasely little word ‘image’
May 5, 2002 — Springtime in Wisconsin
Photographing the weather
April 28, 2002 — A Recipe for ‘The Glow’
What’s so special about certain great black-and-white prints?
April 21, 2002 — The Pictures of Carolyn Cole
The controversy at the NPPAs, and an appreciation of the work of award-winner Cole
April 14, 2002 — ‘Oldthink’
Why current digital cameras are like horseless carriages
March 31, 2002 — The Importance of Working-Method Goals
Why working methods are the most important thing that photographers talk about the least

You can read other articles by Mike Johnston and find out about his quarterly newsletter — The 37th Frame.

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