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Photo Techniques Magazine
Collector Edition Print Sale

A Unique Opportunity to Purchase a Selection of
Fine-Art Prints By Michael Reichmann
at an Exceptional Price

The American photographic magazine Photo Techniques regularly publishes Collector Editions of original hand-made prints by some of the world's leading photographers. I am honored to have a selection of my work featured for sale in the current (March / April 2003) issue of the magazine.

Click on this image for a full-page sized printable PDF file

These photographic prints are exceptionally well priced at only U.S. $80 for a 13X19" print. If four or more prints are ordered at the same time the price per print is only $65. Such prints are usually priced between $350 and $500 each during gallery exhibitions. It is only because the magazine is handling the ordering and fulfillment process that these low prices are possible. All prints are personally made by me and are signed and dated by hand.

The magazine ad shows 4 images that are available, while an additional 6 images are also available through the magazine's web site. You can place your order on-line, via the magazine, or by faxing a copy of the PDF file.

This offer ends April 30, 2003

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