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Articles, Reviews & Essays by Mike Johnston

A Photography Editor's Perspective

Mike Johnston was Editor-in-Chief of PHOTO Techniques magazine from 1994-2000. From 1988 to 1994 he was East Coast Editor of the late and much lamented Camera & Darkroom magazine. Consequently he has been one of the most influential editors on the American photographic magazine scene during the past decade.

Throughout the past two decades he also was the author of a broad range of technical articles and equipment reviews, as well as several considered examinations of the art and techniques of photography.

In June, 2001 I began regularly publishing on these pages a continuing series of Mike's previously published writings as well as new material which will be exclusive to this site. Whereas magazine articles are ephemeral, a web site such as The Luminous Landscape allows material of lasting value, such as Mike's writing, to have a permanent home.

Mike was my editor during his tenure at PHOTO Techniques and I also count him as my friend.  I am now more than pleased to be his publisher.

Michael H. Reichmann


Mike Johnston up in the foreground bokeh. Woodstock, Illinois, summer 1998.
Photo © 1998 by Nicholas Hartmann. Leica M6, 50mm Summicron. T-Max 400.

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Sunday Morning
A Weekly Essay on Matters Photographic


The 37th Frame

A Photography Newsletter

Written by Mike Johnston, the 37th Frame is intended to entertain, inform, and amuse. Published seasonally, its contents are all new, entirely about photography, written exclusively for the newsletter, and not available from any other source. The 37th Frame is available by subscription only. No advertising is accepted. 

Each issue features:

The Rant — Mike sounds off. Fools deserve, and folly receives, no quarter. Blunt, funny, sometimes even wrong. But definitely entertaining.

The Scoop — This is where we dish the dirt. Good is the reward of the good, but the scoundrel gets his just desserts.

The Lens Test — A  subjective aesthetic appraisal of a different lens in each issue. Pour le connoisseur.

The View — Photographs, photographers, books, techniques, viewpoints, verities. Idiosyncratic. So sue us.

The NewsThe rest of what you¹ll need to know from me till next we meet.

First issue Summer 2001

Sample issue one dollar

Subscriptions: 1 year/4 issues, $18. 2 years/8 issues, $32. 3 years/12 issues, $42.

Inquiries: or the 37th Frame 

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