About The Critic

Michael Reichmann

It's easy to be a critic. You just need to have an opinion and a soapbox to spout it from. But when I listen to or read someone's opinions I want to know what combination of knowledge and experience allows them to hold forth on a given topic. Since in the above essay I've ventured into such diverse industries as retailing, publishing and manufacturing I figure that you deserve to knew a bit about who I am and what experience I bring to the table in each of these areas. Therefore, a brief summary of the past 30+ years of my professional career.


Professional photographer since 1965; widely published


Publisher and primary author of The Luminous Landscape web site, the world's largest independent photography site


Publisher of The Video Journal, the world's only "magazine" about photography; published quarterly on DVD video.


Contributing Editor to Photo Techniques magazine


Author of several hundred articles on photography, telecoms and consumer electronics over a 30 year period


Photographic educator; teaches several field workshops each year at locations around the world


A frequent speaker at international conferences on the subjects of video, software development, telecoms and photography


Commercial software author and publisher over a 20 year period


Inventor, and holder of 9 granted U.S. and international patents in the fields of computers and telecommunications


Co-founder of a publicly listed telecommunications company


Previously President and CEO of 2 public companies in the software publishing industry


Previously National Sales Manager for the professional products division of a major Japanese electronics company


Previously Manager of a major professional products photographic retailer