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The Luminous Landscape Advanced Guide
to Lightroom 4

A Special Pre-Release Promotion

35% Off Until Lightroom 4 Ships


Lightroom 4 has now shipped. Please go here


Have We Got a Deal For You!

Jeff Schewe and Michael Reichmann have just completed shooting their sixth Lightroom video tutorial: Advanced Guide to Lightroom 4. This multi-hour training video is now being edited by Chris Sanderson and will start to be released when Lightroom 4 ships.

Between now and the LR4 release date we are offering a 35% discount. The publication price will be $59.95.  But, if you buy this multi-hour tutorial now, before Lightroom 4 is published, you will save over $21. This special pre-publication price is the lowest that this tutorial will ever have, including that for LR3 tutorial purchasers.

We will also be publishing a New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4 . This will be priced at $19.95 and will not be discounted now, or in future. The New User's Introduction to LR4 will be included with the Advanced User's Guide, so our current discount offer is especially attractive.

This is the lowest price that our new Lightroom 4 Advanced Tutorial will ever have,
so don't delay. Once the tutorial is complete the price will be $59.95.
If you pre-order during this limited time offer
your price will be $38.97
a saving of 35%.


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