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What They are and How to View Them

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Since 2000 we have been publishing a wide range of instructional as well as travel videos. Due to changes in technology the means of delivering our video content has gone through evolutionary changes. Today we begin a new phase.

Originally, more than a decade ago, we were going to publish on VHS tape. But by the end of 2000 DVD was becoming prominent and it became our first delivery vehicle. By 2006 we started to transition to downloads, and since then it has been our exclusive delivery method to our tens of thousands of customers world-wide.

But technology continues to advance. People increasingly want to watch their videos on a range of devices, and by streaming as well as download. Luminous Landscape Video now meets that demand.

The Luminous-Landscape Video Player


These Are The Screens For The Luminous-Landscape Player

Using a robust commercial video player and browser-based service called The Luminous-Landscape Video Player*, we now are able to provide our complete range of past, current and future videos to just about any type of device – Windows and Mac computers, Apple IOS devices, and Android devices.  On your computer you will download a small app similar to the above.  You select by clicking on a video to Play (streaming)  or download it to view later or offline. The streaming video will open a player in your web browser and will look like the image below.  You will also use this video player to play any videos downloaded.  It's all pretty intuitive once you start using it.

*For iDevices, the iOS app is called Purple:Player. Look for it free in the AppStore. Just enter your email and password into the app and all your videos will be available to that device

The Web Browser Player For Streaming Video

You now have the choice of purchasing our videos, renting them,
downloading them or streaming them.
The Windows, Mac, IOS and Android players are all free of charge.

In addition to individual product purchase we are now offering an Annual Subscription Plan. With this plan you can watch or download or transfer any or all of our videos between devices at any time, anywhere. Unlike previously, where we would only publish new content after months of editing, we are now able to make our tutorial and travel videos available as soon as major segments are ready. Your player will instantly inform you of new content, as we will here on the site.

 And here is a video about the new video service...
Michael, Kevin & Chris Sanderson discuss the new video platform 


CLICK HERE to Visit Our New Video E-Store

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The Legacy Store

Our legacy online store for downloads continues to be available for the foreseeable future. It will remain in place so that past customers can re-access their purchases, if required. But following the October, 2013 release of our newest Capture One 7 tutorial, all future videos will be made available only via the Luminous Landscape app Player. Those who prefer to download our videos will be able to do so with the new player, and those who wish to stream them can do so as well. If you have enjoyed viewing our videos on a regular TV, you may do so via browser (like Netflix), an HDMI connector, or AirPlay and similar systems.

The Luminous Landscape Shop

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