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Ordering Problems?

Types of Problems

Though 95% of all credit card orders go through without a hitch, sometimes there can be a problem. The two major ones are network or server congestion, and credit card information errors.

Network Congestion

We have all experienced delays and congestion from time to time on the Net. When dealing with ordinary pages a delay of more than a few seconds, or even a minute or more may be frustrating, but nothing more. When entering a data form and waiting for confirmation, or having entered credit card information and waiting for approval, such network or server slowdowns can cause the transactions to fail.

If this happens to you try waiting for a half hour or so, or even until the next day to place your order. These problems are usually transient in nature.

Information Errors

Credit card fraud is on the increase. Because of this banks and other credit card issuers are becoming increasingly alert to possible illegal use of cards. While this can cause us annoyance at times, it really is for all of our protection.

One way to insure that your card transaction happens smoothly is to be sure that the address and telephone number that you provide on the InternetSecure form is the same as the one known to your bank as belonging to you. Don't enter your work telephone number or address unless that's where you receive your bills. Unless the card number, your billing address and your telephone number match, this can cause a transaction to be rejected.

If you want The Video Journal or The Monograph to be shipped to an alternate address you can fill out the shopping cart form with this information.

Finally, some countries have a higher incidence of credit card fraud than others, and sometimes the card validation service that we use can reject a card issued in one of these countries, even though the card itself is valid. This is frustrating, I know, but I'm afraid that we have no control over this procedure.

A Solution — Placing a Postal Money Order

In the end, if you are unable to place a credit card order, you can always place your order online and mail to us an international postal money order. Simply use the same on-line form, and instead of selecting Credit Card, select Money Order. Fill out your information and afterward you be shown a screen with the address of where to mail it to. As soon as your money order arrives your subscription will start and your first issue of The Video Journal or The Monograph will be on its way to you.

If you still need assistance in placing an order please write to me personally.

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