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The Spring is Almost Here Contest

Win a Nikon D300 or Canon G9 Camera

The winner of the Nikon D300 is M.N. Hutchinson of Alberta,
and the winner of the Canon G9 camera is Konstantin Dubinets of New York.
Congratulations to both of them!

Spring hasn't quite sprung yet as this contest is first announced in early January, 2008. But for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere its promise of fresh photographic opportunities lies not too far ahead.

To make the days ahead a bit more exciting, and to possibly provide you with a new tool for your photographic passion, we are offering a contest that has the exciting new Nikon D300 with 18-135mm lens as our first prize. This kit is valued at more than US $2,100.

Our second prize is a Canon Powershot G9, possibly the finest digicam yet, valued at approximately US $450.


Why The Contest?

The reason is simple. To entice you to purchase one of our products – either a download tutorial such as The Luminous Landscape Guide to Camera Raw, From Camera to Print, our Lightroom Tutorial or one of our many other download videos or DVDs. Every one of our products contains useful photography lessons and photography tips. The tutorials are in-depth photography classes with instruction by experts.

Do you want to...

- Explore all aspects of Fine Art Printing with inkjet printers?
- Better understand the current printers from Epson, Canon and HP?

- Optimise the conversion of RAW files?
- Create better looking Black & White conversions?
- Speed up your workflow with Presets?
- Successfully Soft Proof your prints before printing?
- Better understand Render Intent?

- Calibrate your monitor?
- Create colour profiles?
- Calibrate your camera?
- Calibrate your printer?

The solutions and techniques to these topics (and many more) are found in our six hour From Camera To Print tutorial and in the five hour Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tutorial.

Look for our new
Luminous Landscape Guide to Camera Raw Tutorial
announced April '08.

The Luminous Landscape Video Journals 1-17 DVDs cover a multitude of photographic topics plus interviews with famous photographers and feature photograhy in many exciting locations around the world.

There is content here for photographers of all stripes and interests.

That's the end of the pitch. Buy something from Our Online Store and you'll be automatically entered into our latest contest. Each purchase, made together, or separately at different times, is a new entry in the contest and multiplies your chances of winning.

Torn Curtain – Toronto, November, 2007
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm VR lens @ ISO 200


The Fine Print

There's always fine print, right? There isn't much, but here it is.

This contest is open to anyone in the world, except where prohibited by law. The prizes must be accepted as awarded. There is no cash value. Shipping is included to anywhere in the world, but any local taxes or import duties are the responsibility of the winner. (The prizes awarded will be obtained through retail channels and are not provided by either Nikon or Canon, who are in no way involved in this promotion).

Any purchases made from Our Online Store between January 1, 2008 and April 30, 2008 will be eligible.

And finally, to satisfy the law in some countries – no purchase is necessary. You will be entered into the competition by simply registering your name in our store. But, if you do this, while within the letter of the law you are of course defeating the purpose of the whole exercise. You must decide if that's really what you want to do.



The winner of the Nikon D300 is M.N. Hutchinson of Alberta,
and the winner of the Canon G9 camera is Konstantin Dubinets of New York.
Congratulations to both of them!


April, 2008

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