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Columns and Articles on Photography
by Alain Briot


Vision - Part One

Vision - Part Two

Vision - Part Three

Vision - Part Four

Vision - Part Five

Vision - Part Six

Vision - Part Seven

Color Harmonies :

Using Color Harmonies in Photography: Part 1 

Using Colour Harmonies in Photography: Part 2

Using Color Harmonies –Parts 5 to 9

Using Color Harmonies –Parts  3 to 4


Photography and Art :

Why Personal Style is Important

 Creating Meaningful Photographs

Artistic License

They Are Stealing Our Work

Fine Art Photography Top Sixteen 

Creating Meaningful Photographs


Photographic Examples Series
Index Page

Photoshop CS6 – Alain Briot's Favourite Features

Understanding Criticism:

Understanding Criticism Part 1 of 3 


 Understanding Criticism Part 2 of 3 


Understanding Criticism Part 3 of 3



Introduction to Composition

Of Audiences and Best Sellers

Landscape Blurs– Part 1

Landscape Blurs – Part 2

Composing With Color – Part 1

Composing With Color – Part 2

Composing With Color – Part 3

Composing With Color – Part 4

Reflections on Photography and Art: 

An Introduction to the Series

Art and Science

Subject Matter & Print Size

Of Cameras and Art

The Eye and the Camera

Just Say Yes

New Lands Night

Finding Inspiration

Excercising Your Creativity

Developing Your Vision

Medium Format Digital Collages

DxO Optics Pro V5 – An Introduction and Tutorial

Achieving Your Personal Style

The Numbering Affair

Fifteen Thoughts on Composition

Rethinking Talent 

Preparation in Fine Art Landscape Photography - Part One

 Preparation in Fine Art Landscape Photography - Part Two 

About Alain Briot

Alain Briot lives and works in the heart of the Southwestern Luminous Landscape. After spending 7 years in Chinle, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation, Alain moved to Peoria, Arizona, in January 2003. This location allows him access to the Sonoran Desert and to new photographic opportunities. Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly and the Grand Canyon are his backyard, and he explores them in depth with an artist's eye.

Born and educated in France, Alain has made the U.S. his home since 1986. He has studied painting and drawing at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris, and photography at the American Center also in Paris.  After moving to the U.S. Alainreceived his Bachelor and Masters degrees from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, and worked on his PhD at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan.

Today Alain creates Fine Art photographs,  teaches photography workshops and Seminars,  and offers DVD tutorials.  Alain authored 3 books: Mastering Landscape Photography, Mastering Composition, Creativity and Personal Style, and Marketing Fine Art Photography. Information on all these are available on Alain's website.

A small portfolio of Alain's work can be found on this site. Alain may be contacted directly by clicking here. You should also visit his personal web site for a look at more of this master photographer's work. There is also a featured interview with Alain in Vol. 1, #1 of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal.

Alain is a regular contributor the The Luminous Landscape.

Aesthetics and Photography
An Eleven Part Tutorial Series

Being an Artist

How to Establish a Personal Photographic Style

How to Create a Portfolio of your Work


How to See Photographically

How to Compose a Photograph

How to Choose the Best Lens For a Specific Composition

How to Find the Best Light

How to Select the Best “film” for a Specific Image with both Film and Digital Capture

Determining The Best Exposure

Being an Artist in Business – Part 1

Being a Artist in Business – Part 2

Being Artist in Business Series – Part 3

Creating Meaningful Photographs  

Previous Articles by Alain Briot

1Ds Mark II and 4x5

A Rebel In Paris

George Lamont Mancuso – A Remembrance


Monitor Calibration & Image Matching

4X5" The Agony and the Ecstasy

Selling Your Photographs

Be Prepared

Briot's Books – On Photographers
and Landscape Photography Books

Apple Cinema Display – A Review

Using the Fuji 617 Panoramic Camera

Panoramic Photographs 

Epson C80 Printer & ColorLife Paper 

Seeing The Light – Sunrise at White Sands

Shipping Your Photographs

Homage to Edward Curtis

Selling Questions

Epson 9600 Printer

Selling Your Photographs at Art Shows

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