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The Luminous Landscape offers you an opportunity to have your photography critiqued on-line by Michael Reichmann as well as by readers of this site. Accepted submissions will be displayed along with Michael's critique. A Critique Section on our Discussion Forum is open to all readers who wish to enter their own opinions and observations of the work submitted. 

One photograph each month that is judged to be of the greatest appeal and of the highest quality will be awarded a complimentary copy of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal

Rules & Regulations

There aren't many, but please read them carefully. 

Photographs submitted must be of the genres Landscape, Nature or Wildlife

Anyone may enter, but not more than 1 submission of a single photograph per month may be made by any one person.  Pick only your very best image for submission!

The photograph must have been taken by the person submitting it and that person must own full rights to it.

While any style or technique may be used, if a photograph is a composite of more than one image you must indicate this in your accompanying text.

Submitters agree that the photograph may be displayed on the Luminous Landscape web site and will be commented upon publicly by Michael Reichmann as well as others. 

Submission Guidelines

Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

The photograph submitted must be at 72 DPI.

The submitted photograph must be in .JPG format and not more than 7 inches (18 cm) (500 pixels) in its longest dimension (width or height). 

Submissions are to be in the form of an email attachment to this address.

If you would like to provide a link to a larger version of your photograph which is located either on your own site, or elsewhere, please include it with your submission. You may also include a link to your own Home Page.

Each submission must be accompanied by the following information, in the following order...

Photographer's name, city / country and email address

Any technical data that you care to provide (i.e. camera, lens, film)

If the photograph has been created either in the digital or traditional darkroom so that it is a composite of more than one image, please describe the process used

Any  description of the location or situation leading to the creation of the photograph that you feel will add to understanding and enjoyment of the image.

Please spell-check and punctuate properly. I'm not interested in being your proofreader or editor.

I'm sorry to say this but due to the amount of work involved in providing these critiques if the above instructions aren't followed exactly I can't accept your submission. It creates too much work for me otherwise.

Obviously, not every photograph submitted can be displayed and critiqued. In fact, due to the high volume of submissions it is usually not  possible for me to acknowledge submissions. If your submission is included you'll be informed via email.

Whether a submission is included or not often has to do with submission volume as much as anything else. I usually select images that are either very good or poor in some way ‹ so that I can use them as teaching examples. Please don't take it personally if your submission doesn't show up. I receive literally hundreds a month and can't handle more than a couple of dozen.

Also, please be aware that while it's not my intention to be unkind I am straightforward and direct with my comments. If you can take the heat, I look forward to seeing your submissions!

Michael H. Reichmann

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