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Table of Contents for Essays

Essays are generalized as relating to the philosophy of photography and commentary about current issues.  

  • Telling it like it is - Whom Do You Trust to give accurate and reliable information? How do you decipher their biases?

Essays on Understanding Light and Selecting Focal Lengths
Focal Length Comparison — Six photographs showing the coverage of different focal length lenses
On Photography  — Why We Pursue Our Passions 
The Cost of a Photographic Adventure — How to plan a major photographic trip for under $1000 
What Photography Isn'tAn essay on the art of exclusion in photography
Same Old Shot, Different Day Revisiting familiar locations for better photography
A Parable — Some thoughts on the importance of high-end equipment
Veracity — A rebuttal to an anti-digital-image-processing debate
Epson as Art — A commentary on The New York Times review of Epson's traveling exhibit of inkjet prints
Practice Makes Perfect — A essay of the issue of practicing our art and craft
On Location — Thoughts on the dangers and rewards of wilderness photography, along with some suggestions
The Project — Some suggestions on how to motivate your photography, along with two linked Projects
Where & When — An essay on Photographic Control
Leica Lens Compendium — A review of a major new (2001) book on lens design in general and the history of Leica lenses in particular. 
Country Fairs and Midways — A photo essay from the Canadian National Exhibition
A Midway Portfolio — A photo essay by John Brownlow done at the same time as the above.
Variations — Looking at how photographic variations of different sorts change the outcome
B&W Revival — an exploration of the effect that digital image processing has had on B&W photography
Selling Your Photographs — an insightful article by Alain Briot on selling ones photographs
Is Large Format Really “Best”?  — A controversial look at the issues involved with large format photography
Handmade — An examination of the status of inkjet prints as Objet D'art 
Image Security — Protecting your negatives and slides from disaster
In Memoriam My first photograph taken after the World Trade Center tragedy — one that attempts to summarize my feelings
Ansel Adams At 100 — A review of a significant new book about America's foremost landscape photographer 
Dream Street — A review of a book and exhibition of work by W. Eugene Smith
Backpacking Photography — how to reach remote destinations with all your gear, by Jim Chow
Trekking Photography — shooting in the Himalayas, by Dave Thompson
The Three P's and L's of Photography — six rules for producing quality images
Parade photography — a street shooting portfolio and how-to
Twin Sons of Different Mothers — a look at both the conscious and unconscious elements that contribute to how photographers create images
Digital Camera Resolution Demystified — by JR Geoffrion
Procession — A street photography opportunity
Making Mega-Prints — how one photographer makes 15 foot-wide prints, by Nick Rains
Been There, Done That — an exploration of the weltschmertz occasionally felt by all photographers
Pervasive Photography — cameras are now built into almost everything. What are the uses and implications?
Self Critiquing — The making of a photograph
Racing Photography — photographing professional auto races, by Lee Carney
Night Landscape Photography — using the digital Canon D60 to photograph moonlit and starlit scenes
Enigma Variations — Analyzing a critical factor in successful street photography
Why Don't They Get It? — thoughts on the foibles of the photographic industry
The Art of Photography — Why we do it



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