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On Reflection — Additional Examples

This page contains three additional photographs which can be used for doing your own photographic "reading". These are related to the essay On Reflection. Think about issues like eye movement, negative and positive spaces and colour contrasts.

These are presented without titles, location, shooting information or technical details to avoid distraction.


"In the field, outside the controlled confines of a studio, a photographer is confronted with a complex web of visual juxtapositions that realign themselves with each step the photographer takes. Take one step and something hidden comes into view; take another and an object in the front now presses up against one in the distance. Take one step and the description of deep space is clarified; take another and it is obscured. In bringing order to this situation, a photographer solves a picture more that composes one." — from The Nature of Photographs, by Stephen Shore.


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Entities: Michael Reichmann, Stephen Shore

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