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Fall 2001

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As a photographer, teacher and collector, books play an important part in my life. Photographic books in particular. There are of course all of the common "How To" books which appear on the shelves of even the smallest bookshop. But of much greater interest to me are the scholarly works and the portfolios of great photographers.

There are book reviews on this site at several locations. The main review section is found on the Books page, but individual special reports, such as the one of Ansel Adams at 100, and W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Project are also available. Finally, contributor Alain Briot has provided us with Briot's Books, a compilation of his favourite landscape photography books.

This page is devoted to several books that have come my way during the Fall of 2001. Each has turned out to be very special in its own way. Titles and thumbnails are linked to the appropriate order page at


Creative Landscape Photography

There are a lot of bad "how to" photography books about. This though is one of the better ones, and worthy of investing in if you want to round-out your library. Niall Benvie is a Scottish photographer with a good eye and an easy writing style. The book contains a large number of well done, though largely not exceptional photographs.

Not a beginners book, it nevertheless will be of interest to anyone just becoming enthusiastic about doing landscape work.

Bystander - A History of Street Photography

Every now and then I encounter a book which has a profound affect on me. Sometimes it's the words, sometimes the images. In this case it's both. 

Bystander was originally published in hardcover in 1994 and has just been (2001) reissued as a large-format softcover book. The update includes an extensive new section on Street Photography Since 1970 and includes photographers and their images right up to 2001.

Bystander is written by 

Other articles and portfolios related to Street Photography that can be found on this site include...

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The Midway
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Leica M6 TTL 

Looking at Photographs : 100 Pictures from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art


Book of 101 Books — Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century


Desert: The Mojave and Death Valley

Large Format Nature Photography 






The History of Photography
As Seen Though The Spira Collection




Most histories of photography are about images. This one is predominantly about cameras. And what a beautiful book it is. Published by Aperture, it is based on the collection of Fred Spira, the founder of Spiratone Inc.  

If you were a photographer during the '60s through the 80's the name Spiratone will resonate. You likely will also have purchased any number of photographic accessories from this New York based mail-order company.

What you may not know is that after WWII Fred Spira put together one of the greatest collections of photographic equipment in any private collection more than 20,000 items. This beautifully illustrated volume uses that collection as the taking off point for this illustrated history. 

For anyone who loves cameras, who wants to understand the history of our art and passion, this is an indispensable addition to your book collection. 

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