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On The Road

7 Cities in 5 Countries in 21 Days

This is a bit of an experiement. I don't usually do blog-style travel pieces, rather I produce portfolios based on the work done during my travels and shooting expeditions, and sometimes product reviews if I'm bringing some new gear along. This time I don't expect to have any really concentrated photography time, and none of the gear I'll be working with is especially new or newsworthy.

So what is this about?

From February 14 until March 5, '07, I will be on the road, in San Francisco, Maui, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. The trip to SFO is to visit a friend in hospital, then six days in Hawaii (Hana, Maui) on vacation with my wife. Following that I will be in Asia and Australia on a speaking tour sponsored by Phase One and their dealer / distributors.

As an experiment, and assuming that I have Internet access on a regular basis, I intended on updating this blog with photographs and commentary about my trip. Don't expact the finest of fine art. There'll likely be more snapshots than gallery images (understatement), but it might be fun just the same.


In The Bag

Since this is a combination vacation, whirlwind speaking tour (if this is Singapore it must be Friday), I have had hard choices on what gear to bring. I need to travel relatively light, but on the other hand with a week's vacation in Hawaii I wanted to have some versatile equipment along. In the end, balancing off weight and size considerations I chose to bring the Nikon D300 with 14-24mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm lenses; also the Canon G9 as my "pocket" camera.

These, plus my 15" Macbook Pro, a driving GPS, Ipod speakers and various bits and pieces fit into a ThinkTank Airport International. Passport, tickets, Iphone, magazines and books fit in a small shoulder pouch. Whew – ain't travel fun.

The day that I was packing all of this Apple announced the availability of Aperture 2.0. With some 50 hours of airplane time ahead of me during a three week period I decided that this would be a great opportunity to become familar with this new version of Aperture, so I downloaded it with an eye to having it as my raw processor for this trip. A review will likely follow.


Feb 15, 2008



February – March, 2008


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