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Rockhopper Workshops Is Launched

by Kevin Raber

The Rockhopper Home Page

For the last few months we have been busy on a number of projects at Luminous-Landscape.  One of these was getting LuLa workshops up and running.  Luminous-Landscape pioneered the all inclusive photography workshop years ago and was one of the first workshops ever offered in Iceland.  LuLa workshops were very popular but had to be put on a back shelf a few years ago when Michael was ill.  In January this year Kevin Raber joined the LuLa team and with his experience in running the PODAS Workshops for Phase One he has once again launched a top notch workshop series for Luminous-Landscape.

Click On Any Workshop to Go To The Workshop Page

Because the workshops will be a very integral part of the LuLa model we decided to form a new division based in the US to facilitate these workshop.  Thus the formation of Rockhopper Workshops.  We are proud today to officially launch Rockhopper Workshops.

The Last Few Blog Entries Can Also Be Seen On The Home Page

Our goal was to make a new website that was easy to navigate and easy to update for our readers and attendees to our workshops.  To make this website possible and done the way we wanted it we sought out help for a small company, Coffee and Magic

Each Workshop Has Its Own Page

Having worked with Wordpress a well known blogging software and familiar with its capabilities I decided rather than learn a third website system that I would have the site developed in Wordpress.  Coffee and Magic’s owners Flemming Bo Jensen and Charlene Winfred were the perfect choice.  They had already worked with several photographer friends developing their websites and after my first phone call with them I knew they were the ones to handle the Rockhopper project.

Workshop Regsitration Can Be Done On Line As Well As Payments

Over the last few months we had numerous discussions and decided on a theme and general layout.  Our goal was to make the site easy to navigate and have all the information about a workshop easy to read and understand.  In addition we wanted to be able to offer online registration as well as a secure method for making payments for workshops. And, lastly we wanted a blog built in where we could continually add news as well as live updates while doing a workshop. on iPhone

In addition we wanted to have the site scalable for mobile devices and it works very well with these type of devices.

Quick Links Can Be Found At The Bottom Of Each Page

Take a look at Rockhopper Workshops when you get a moment. If you want to stay on top of the latest workshop news then please add your email to the email subscribe section.  That way you’ll receive the latest news on the blog as well workshop notices and specials. 

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We will be enhancing the Rockhopper site with videos and more images as time goes on.  We are also working on a number of new and exciting workshops well into 2016.  We’ll be making more workshop announcements soon and this is the place to find out the latest.




Published May 17, 2014

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