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 on: Today at 11:19:24 AM 
Started by Josef Isayo - Last post by Josef Isayo
Selling a new, never taken out of the plastic bag, Elinchrom Rotalux Octa speed ring. I received my Rotalux Octa 27.5" for my Profoto lights on (April 9th) and have no need for it.
Price is $60 shipped and Paypal'd to lower 48 US states. No sales outside the US.


 on: Today at 11:15:12 AM 
Started by Telecaster - Last post by john beardsworth
Not unreasonably positive at all, just opening my eyes and seeing ways it can be useful, while you're just making false comparisons. A tablet app doesn't need to be better, faster or cheaper than LR. In what way is an iPhone better, faster or cheaper than a proper camera? Well, maybe cheaper (if you exclude monthly costs?), but it's not just a cliche to say the best camera is the one you've got with you. Same with this - it's there when you're on the train or waiting for the sun.

What problem does it fix? Well, read above posts. For instance, is there any easier way to maintain a portfolio on your iPad? If you use Aperture, even the PhotoStream is messier, but look at the 3-4 portfolio apps most of us seem to acquire - Rube Goldberg would just love all the hard drive publish services and Dropbox routines you need to update a photo. Every time I do this it's a pain, and I'm technically minded-enough to have coded my own publish services or even write an iPad app. The other day I was showing someone how to sync to LrM and he must have asked 3 or 4 times about exporting JPEGs - no, you just click the button next to collections.

So there you are, the ball's sent back. Not that you'll accept that! After 5 versions of LR and double that of Bridge, I certainly don't allow Adobe the 1.0 excuse and think they made a bad mistake in not offering star ratings, at least. But it doesn't need to be better, faster or cheaper than Lr to be useful.

 on: Today at 11:14:25 AM 
Started by Josef Isayo - Last post by Josef Isayo
Selling a mint condition Fuji 60mm F/2.4 Macro. Lens is only a few months old, is tack sharp at every aperture.
Price is $360 shipped and Paypal'd to lower 48 US states. No sales outside the US.


 on: Today at 11:09:22 AM 
Started by Atina - Last post by EricWHiss
Does anyone know if there is any cost advantage to making larger sensors with one flavor or the other - CCD or CMOS?  Perhaps differences in yield or other factor?

 on: Today at 11:08:56 AM 
Started by Josef Isayo - Last post by Josef Isayo
Selling a like new condition Fuji XF 27mm pancake lens. Leica type metal vented hood (pictured) is included. The lens is only a couple months old and has never been used outside my home.
Price is $245 shipped and Paypal'd to lower 48 states. No sales outside the US.


 on: Today at 11:02:07 AM 
Started by David Sutton - Last post by Isaac
I suspect he wasn't talking about superficial technique (which he probably loathed) but a sort of penetrating vision that reveals reality in all its terror. Do we have any experts on his time?

If you want to say something about your understanding of "art's complex relationship to reality" we can probably get-by without the Picasso expert.

 on: Today at 11:00:14 AM 
Started by Atina - Last post by BJL
If A/D is on chip or on board, does that make a difference for the end user? (I don't know)
The primary difference between CCDs and active pixel CMOS sensors is not where the A/D is done: Canon for example still uses off-board ADC, like all CCD cameras do.

Instead most basic difference is that an active pixel CMOS sensor reads out each photosite by transferring the signal directly to the edge of the sensor, and amplifying it in the process, which helps to reduce the effect of subsequent noise in the analog electronic signal path.  I see no good reason why anyone remains nostalgic for the older, slower, noisier, unamplified approach of a CCD.  In particular, Ronald's idea of a CCD with on-chip ADC might be viable, but it would not address the primary disadvantage of CCD's.

On the other hand, most recent active pixel sensor designs [Sony EXMOR, recent Panasonic 4/3" sensors, the Aptina sensors in Nikon One cameras, the CMOSIS sensor of the newest Leica M, etc.] also then do the ADC on the sensor, and in fact do it with an ADC unit at the end of each column of photosites, and this early ADC seems to help further with noise reduction, by avoiding the need for the analog signal to be transferred along the sensor's edge and beyond.

CCDs might be better suited to small volume products: apparently, once a basic CDD photosite is designed, it is relatively easy to lay out sensors of various shapes and sizes using that photosite design, whereas each different shape and size of active pixel CMOS sensor requires more new design work.

 on: Today at 10:53:09 AM 
Started by jhoub - Last post by jhoub
I found the problem. The disk was named as followed: 200605.200704
The date span of the images it contains. CO misinterpreted the '.' After removing this all went well.


 on: Today at 10:51:49 AM 
Started by bwana - Last post by bwana
Thank you Mr. Kasson. The best part of your blog was the idea of rewriting some of the raw conversion software to combine 4 pixels into one to avoid demosaicisng artifacts (color noise). Another one of your great ideas is the different color filter array that only has 1 green instead of 2 - that would give 3 'subpixels' to give one full color pixel. A nikon d800E with this kind of Kasson array would effectively have 12 megapixels. The pentax 50 megapixel chip would be more than 16 megapixels. These would be awesome lowlight machines. Such a Nikon D800K (for Kasson) would shame a D800S. In addition, the d800K would be great at 4 k hd video - the 12 megapixels could fill a native 4k frame.

Perhaps Nikon is already thinking of doing this and that's why they have abandoned their regular raw converter?

 on: Today at 10:46:44 AM 
Started by sdwilsonsct - Last post by Isaac
This was taken the evening of the full eclipse. Cool event, well worth seeing, though I missed this one.

I hadn't figured-out a foreground; so I watched.

"Snow squall" -- To me, those moon-landers add a feel of remoteness.

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