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Started by Concord - Last post by Rhossydd
since these devices require high starting current and are less critical".
Whilst it may be true they use more power at start up (Is that really a problem here?) the idea that a printer is less critical is based more on what the UPS manufacturer's projected market is.
In this particular case of a power interruption being very costly in wasted materials and time, it is probably as 'critical' as any other part of the system.

A call to the manufacturer about an individual problem for their opinion would be best.

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New Price 169 Euro

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Awkward when you get mixed messages?

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Started by orc73 - Last post by Rhossydd
I'm looking for a on camera flash solution with Hasselblad, maybe with a Nissin MG8000 or Canikon flash in Auto mode.
I doubt the automation modes on Nikon or Canon flashguns (or those designed for them like the Nissan) will work on any other camera as a lot of the cleverness is done in the camera body.

Older auto flashes were a lot dumber, but did the work themselves. So you just set a power level on the flash, set the correct f stop for that power level at your chosen ISO and the flashgun would adjust it's output to give the correct exposure as distance(& subject ?) changed. All within it's specified operating range.

So I'd guess you'll either need an old 'dumb' (non TTL) auto flash or something that is specific for the Hasselblad if you want TTL control.

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Started by seamus finn - Last post by stamper
This is a lovely image. The swirling of the coat and the audience in the background sets the scene just nicely. The wellie boots adds a sense of bizarreness to the image. 10 out of 10 for this one.  Smiley

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Started by Concord - Last post by Malcolm Payne
Cyber Power are most likely referring to laser printers, which take too high a current for most 'domestic' UPS. I've been running an iPF8300 and before that an iPF8000 for at least six years from an APC Smart-UPS 750 with no problems whatsoever; the indicator LEDs rarely go above 40% load when printing, and that only intermittently.  Preferring to err on the side of caution, I chose the Smart-UPS because of its pure sine wave output, but as far as I know the cheaper Back-UPS also work without issue with these printers.

The 750VA unit will currently power the printer in standby, and a wireless access point and 5-port switch, for somewhere up to an hour (the UPS battery probably needs replacing by now, though it's showing no other signs of age); more importantly, it allows completion of a print run and a clean shutdown if an unexpected power failure occurs during printing, which was the original motivation for buying it.

I can't comment on operation with a generator as input - you'd need to speak to the manufacturers.


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Started by Some Guy - Last post by Rhossydd
I have reported you to the moderator. I have had it with you. You can expect to be warned or removed.
I very much doubt it. People don't get banned from this forum for taking the trouble to investigate an issue, describe it articulately, be polite and report on their findings and any resolution.

From what I've read here 'Some Guy' (always nice to put your real name in your profile though) has a good grasp on the subject and has built some fairly specialised kit to work round the issues of using flashbulbs with modern DSLRs. It would be interesting to read more details of the unit he has built to vary the synchronization timings.

You Melchiorpavone, have from your first comment here failed to understand the issue and been unhelpful. Furthermore you've demonstrated that you're not aware of the current state of the market for flashbulbs, their uses, have failed to comment on what's actually been written and not bothered to make the most basic of research when you've come across a term you don't understand.
In the UK we have a saying 'when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging' you might like to consider this. Lula has some real experts in it, the smart people shut up when they find they're arguing with people that are more knowledgeable.

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Started by Todd Suttles - Last post by stamper
James I don't think I could concur with what you saw. The gap in the middle is small and you need space between the two focal points; the tree and the outhouse. The fact that the overhanging branches are touching the outhouse means there isn't any separation between the two. Perfectly framed imo.

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I concur with what Eric said.

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