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 on: Today at 07:08:29 PM 
Started by William Walker - Last post by Peter McLennan
Printing a photograph on canvas is an attempt to pretend the photograph is a painting.

That's an opinion, not a fact.

 on: Today at 07:05:34 PM 
Started by Piboy - Last post by leeonmaui

Google; Peter Lik Bella Luna, view image.
Consider the source...

 on: Today at 07:05:08 PM 
Started by disneytoy - Last post by disneytoy
The 9890 is large printer and will be in the front room, and my main editing is done in a back room on a 52" display. I always do a small test print)s) before commiting toan expensiove pieces of 40 x 60" paper or canvas.  Even with calibration or a profile thatr doesn't really represent say Exhibition Water5color pper, or Matte canvas.

I really don't want to hit print in one room and while LR is churning, run to the front room and see what's happening.

Seems reasonable to hae a small computer attached to the printer, and execute only the printing. Maybe do a 8x110, then examine, maybe needs more sharpening, or has too much, Then run the large print. That's where craftsmanship comes in, Not every image on every profiled paper or canvas is exactly the same. And my taste may be different when I print. Maybe I'd like it .25 brighter, or reduce the magenta .10. If that were true I could just upload to Costco to print.

So I'm guess it is noit possible to access the LR catalog on the "printer PC, and if needed adjust a slider or 2, and have those adjustments stored for future printing.



 on: Today at 07:02:39 PM 
Started by marimagen - Last post by BernardLanguillier
DxO viewpoint is IMHO the best option for these kind of perspective corrections, especially when combined with DxO's lens correction module that IMHO remains the best (this is coming from a C1 Pro 8 fanboy).

Shooting with a T/S lens or technical camera in the first place is of course an even better option. Wink

An alternative is to shoot this as a 3 images pano stitch. PTGui would make it a breeze to set the verticals and horizontals of the door.


 on: Today at 06:40:20 PM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by Jeff-Grant
Thanks Larry. That's exactly what I am after. It's Windows only unfortunately. I'll try installing PS in my Parallels environment and see how it goes.

 on: Today at 06:38:53 PM 
Started by mstevensphoto - Last post by eronald
Hassy is having a sale on the H5D40, which has a very good focus and a recompose aid called TrueFocus which figures out the focus plane shift when you recompose. I think system price is around $10K.

The Pentax has a fast modern AF system and can shoot at very high ISO. I think it can also do a lot of other "modern" things like 3 frames per second. I would expect the Pentax to win in any contest between MF cameras where speed is in any way an issue.

I have never heard the Mamiya AF system described as comparable to an SLR, although everyone agrees it is adequate and accurate in good light for cooperative subjects.  Smiley


 on: Today at 06:33:41 PM 
Started by Ed B - Last post by Garry Sarre
Yes good on him for bringing it out into the open. Nothing 'sick' there.

 on: Today at 06:30:40 PM 
Started by Phil Indeblanc - Last post by Phil Indeblanc
The ID profile does take out some blues and makes those areas less saturated and "purple/Magenta".

Insignificant differences in the darks/blacks.

 on: Today at 06:29:49 PM 
Started by Denis de Gannes - Last post by Jimmy D Uptain
Yeah, you can delete the catalog file.
I believe the previews reside inside.
How does the catalog perform?

 on: Today at 06:20:28 PM 
Started by Pete JF - Last post by Pete JF
I've been happily buzzing along printing from my G5 (Tiger) and my Sony Artisan for many years.

Lately I've been forced to make some upgrades and I (with help from another thread subject here) purchased an NEC with Spectraview..

So..Im about to start printing a project I've been working on for a while and this will be my first time printing through "Mavericks".

I'm printing from my Epson 7800 and my final prints are usually on Epson Exhibition Fiber and I make work prints on Premium Luster (because I was gifted with a huge stock of it)

Is printing in Mavericks or any of the later OS' any different than the Tiger days?

I've always had good luck with the canned profiles in both BW and Color..

Does Mr. Chan have any updated printing workflows that I don't know about..looked briefly, couldn't find. I pretty much use his "Srgb" scheme for printing black and white.

Hoping someone can run through any things to look out for in the later OS' color management schemes.

Also..IS it fairly simple to print accurately out of Lighroom? Never done it.

Im away from my studio for a while and trying to grab hold of this info for when I get back..hopefully you guys can get me prepped.


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