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Makes one forget the abundant rain during the days before.

64°9'34" N 19°9'40" W

Thanks for looking.

Boudewijn Swanenburg

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Thanx all for the replies here are the details

According to MS it is a colour managed application and I have seen no reason not to believe this.  Therefore your issues may lie in your colour management settings.  AFAIK Photo Viewer will not recognise v4 icc profiles only v2 - have no idea what happens if you use v4

I calibrated the second monitor with v4.  I'll try to change back to v2.

As you have a calibrated monitor I assume that you have checked via Control Panel / Color Management that your monitor is correctly identified and using your profile as in attachment 1?
Second attachment is a screen shot of my settings in the Advanced tab if yours are different (particularly the second down highlighted blue) you may want to try changing.  No guarantees but...

yes but for the second picture, the default system is only for one monitor (stupid but I think someone in the replies were right maybe windows only  deals with one color file only).

Can I ask a favor to MAC guys ?  I send the first picture to one of my friends who said to me that some display of this file were different in Keynotes, in Safari, Chrome and mac Viewer.  Is it true for you also ?
And test if it is also the same with the second version ?

Because when I send a file for a public presentation the minimum is that this picture looks correct looooooooool.

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One problem: on zoom lenses (except expensive ones), even where there's a focus scale, often it's accurate only at long focal lengths.  At wider angles it may be significantly out. 

I've been caught out several times photographing in near-dark, where autofocus won't work and manual focus is difficult.  Even with a torch so I can see the distance scale, I know it's no use at wide angles!  I end up stopping down to ensure a reasonable depth of field, and using even longer exposures. 

When I get round to it, I'll note at least the infinity position at several focal lengths on the lenses I use most often. 

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Hello again Fine_Art and other RT fans...Im back with a few new questions about RT:

What is the preferred method to reduce red channel highlight values? Imagine a hot sunset with reds that get clipped or nearly clipped in the histogram. Would you use a Lab curve adjustment to bring down Luminance according to Hue, or use an RGB curve to bring down the high end?

Considering you can apply a tone curve (2) in the Exposure section, or use a Lab Luminance curve, is there any pro/con to applying these in one place vs. the other?

I've started experimenting with the CIECAM controls--is there any documentation for the Lightness (J), Brightness (Q), and Contrast (J), Contrast (Q) controls do?

Thanks again...still discovering the marvels of this tool. I haven't touched C1 in a week Wink


Just lurking about here, don't use RT, but to help in answering your question you might look into changing profiles along with applying curves and HSL adjusts going by what you said in your previous post...

After using this tool for many hours at night I think I'm finally starting to get it. What I don't understand is why there appears to be so much saturated pink/gold when first rendering a shot using the "neutral" profile. Most of the shots I've worked on have required substantial desaturation to get things looking right and balanced. Does this happen to you?

I've got some shots of sunlit orange Pomegranate flowers that always overwhelm my camera's sensor/processing of jpegs. Shooting Raw and processing in ACR I have to resort to finding the right combination of white balance, HSL adjusts, a very large pulled down luminance curve shaped like a shepherd's hook along with using Adobe Standard profile instead of dual and single illuminant custom DNG profiles I made. I have to do the same with sunsets as in your case.  

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Started by Ligament - Last post by Ernst Dinkla
Google some photo printing related subjects/problems and check the ranking of LuLa in the hits.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst
April 2014, 600+ inkjet media white spectral plots.

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This site is still the fastest loading, easy to navigate (because it gets out of the way), best and fastest at uploading images within the thread with the easiest and most robust reply interface over ANY and all sites on the web.

I really mean that coming from someone who has been online over ten years conducting numerous searches over a wide range of subjects, not just photography and printing which I haven't found a need since I only print 8x10 glossies off my "All In One".

But if you ever want to know how to deconstruct and hack an expensive wide format printer due to some manufacturing design screw up, there is what seems a thousand page LuLa Printer Forum thread somewhere here on how to do it.

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Always found this site on demosaicing algorithm rendering differences interesting...

Other camera influences mainly regarding hardware as in the presents and thickness of a sensor's antialiasing filter can challenge certain demosaicing approaches.

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Original packing helps prove hardware is not stolen.

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Err99 is Canon's most unhelpfully error message "There is an error . The error is unknown". I used to get this sometimes when shooting tethered into Lightroom.. Could connect to the computer and transfer files directly to the laptop, but not directly into Lightroom. In my case I traced it  to a communication problem with the USB cable. Changed the cable and all was well.

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