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 on: Today at 11:23:37 AM 
Started by Telecaster - Last post by KLaban
I've found some of my best subjects and locations when lost.

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Started by raymond bleesz - Last post by disneytoy
I use to use Nik plug ins a lot. Still use define for noise reductions. I'd recommend Lightroom (LR 6 will be out soon). Very powerful. And I have found with Presets, either your own or purchased I can pretty much achieve any effect or look in Nik Color Efex, or Silver Efex. I also prefer a non destructive workflow. With Plug-ins you are always creating new copies of your files. LR you are applying adjustments non destructively.

Also the printing out of LR is far easier than PS. Get all your driver setting right an LR remembers. I hate in PS CC if I open a new file, all my printring settings default to a leser printer.

 on: Today at 11:10:44 AM 
Started by brbo - Last post by brbo
I'm from EU. I've read that Prazio in US is rebranded SDS. Don't know if it's true, though. Prazio's catalogue does read very much like the one from SDS.

Crazing on my drums can be seen when I put the drums agains the light. It's also visible on the scan in bright parts of the scan. I can polish most of it out, do a scan and it's ok but it will eventually come back.

I see that Prazio is offering drum reconditioning (SDS doesn't do this anymore). Anyone have had a drum refurbished by them?

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Started by photodan - Last post by Herbc
Sorry, the corners on the 28mm Elmarit-M are awful on the alpha 7 cameras. The R version is fine.

Yes, wooden cameras are tactile, beautiful, and they smell good, too. I've got an Ebony. But when you open it up, you have to fiddle for a couple of minutes to get everything the way you want it. When I want a 4x5 that just works, I use a Linhof Tecnhika.


I read the lens rental blog, and one must conclude that the Leica M mount are going to be a problem on A7x cameras, although it does seem that wide angle is a bigger problem.
Would you think that Leica R lenses would not be a problem on A7x cameras?

 on: Today at 11:06:09 AM 
Started by Telecaster - Last post by Chris_Brown
Not sure wi-fi is going to be faster than copying off the memory card.

It should be. In fact, "tethered" should be wireless, secure, fast, and glitch-free. The Canon WFT wireless transmitters are all abysmal in performance and reliability given what they cost. And the fact that Canon doesn't make one WFT for all their cameras is a sign they don't care about wireless convenience.


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Started by smilem - Last post by digitaldog
I have a revelation to you that ACPU does print exactly as Photoshop no color management for RGB images ONLY
I am aware of that and stated the issue with CMYK output of untagged data to printers below. What does this have to do with the target scaling bug of which some are trying to assist you with? Are you printing CMYK untagged targets?

 on: Today at 10:49:44 AM 
Started by Some Guy - Last post by Some Guy
This AM one of the 3880's shows one small bar section in one of the 14 diagonal dark cyan pigment ink lines as a blank space (One nozzle?).

Did a purge pattern with Qimage on cyan, and another nozzle check from the printer's menu, and the same spot is still missing.  I'll wait a few hours before trying again as it sometimes self-heals with a long time passage.

However, would you wait for all nozzles to be perfect (if it can be done) before making a custom ICC profile on a new paper, or would it matter that much?  I need to do a Moab sample pack of maybe a dozen papers along with some Akagami papers and don't know if I should wait for the nozzles to be all printing, or if one or two won't matter for ICC profiling.  If they do begin firing all mid-way through a bunch of different paper samples if it would matter in the end?



 on: Today at 10:42:26 AM 
Started by Telecaster - Last post by Hans Kruse
I always wondered why a camera needs a GPS? In case you get lost?

If I'm lost somewhere, at least I'd like to know where Smiley

 on: Today at 10:38:03 AM 
Started by brbo - Last post by Chris_Brown
When I began drum scanning in the late 1990s, I tried every method known. Mounting "gel", heavy oil, spray powder (talc) mounting (i.e., dry mounting), taping just the film, overlays, thick oil, thin oil, you name it. The first day I had a mess on my hands, was stoned on cleaning fluid vapors, and it took all day just to scan a couple slides. Within 6 months I was scanning 4-5 full drums per day using batch scanning techniques (setting input parameters for each image; no global settings). 20-30 35mm pieces of film mounted, 12 medium format pieces, 4 4x5 pieces were all no problem (and, of course, 1 8x10 chrome if needed). My point: drum scanning full drums of film is far more efficient than other methods of scanning (e.g., Imacon, flat bed, copy camera).

The method: I used the anti-newton fluid from Prazio and full-drum overlays. Even if I was scanning only one piece of film, I'd use this method. It was fast and eliminated 95% of the dust particles. The anti-newton fluid evaporated (not as fast as Kami, which is known to cause crazing on some drums) which made cleaning the films & drums very easy.

SDS rings a bell, but I never used them. I can't remember if they're associated with Prazio or not. I would buy tape, overlays, wipes, mounting fluid and cleaner by the case from Prazio and their prices & shipping terms were great. Even from Canada, not a problem.

Regarding the crazing on your drum, it can be localized or cover the entire drum, depending on what caused it. If it's global, then even if you can't see it, it can cause the drum to be less than 100% clear and ruin all your scans. Hold each drum up to a very hard light source and look very closely at it. If it looks frosty, then get it lathed & polished or replaced.

 on: Today at 10:29:07 AM 
Started by mseawell - Last post by Eric Myrvaagnes
Your Utah trip has really been a goldmine for you, Mark.

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