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 on: Today at 02:21:06 PM 
Started by richarddd - Last post by richarddd
<>?Which makes me think, Richard, why don't you simply buy a nice PC for the similar price as you would spend on a Mac? Possibly much power for your money, it was last few times I looked.

Unless there is a pressing reason to change, say to use Mac only software, there's no particular benefit. Both systems are very good and very annoying too.  Wink  But once you are in LR/PS etc it's hardly relevant what system you are using.
Also I'd say that if I didn't live near an Apple store, I probably wouldn't buy Apple products. But having one 15 mins away is really handy as all my Apple kit bar the barely used Nano have been back for multiple repairs or exchange.  Angry
I haven't been able to find a PC that weighs no more than 3.5 pounds, has a 13" screen of comparable resolution and quality and similar speed and price as the MBP.  I can get nice screens with lower resolution and high or higher resolution screens that have issues with color calibration, but I haven't found anything as good.

I'd certainly appreciate suggestions as to PC laptops to look at.

I agree that the OS is irrelevant once in LR/PS. The possible exception is PS controls not scaling properly on high resolutions PCs, or have they fixed that?

 on: Today at 02:13:30 PM 
Started by lbdina - Last post by lbdina
Maybe this is old news to everyone else, but I recently discovered that V4 RGB printer profiles (i1Profiler on OSX 10.8.5) can cause some very weird behavior and screwy color transformations in ColorThink Pro. For example, converting ProPhoto RGB to my printer profile with Relative Colorimetric turned bright red to green! It took me a few days to figure out what was happening, but going from v4 to V2 profiles solved the issue completely.

That made me wonder whether v4 RGB printer profiles are worth using at all. ColorThink sometimes chokes on them, and probably other applications as well. i1Profiler defaults to v4 profiles, so all the custom RGB inkjet profiles I have built with it are currently v4.

What, if any, advantages do v4 profiles provide? If the answer is 'none', or they are 'indistinguishable', then I will probably regenerate v2 profiles and send the v4 profiles to bit-heaven.

I'd appreciate hearing feedback and experience on the subject.



 on: Today at 02:12:35 PM 
Started by richarddd - Last post by richarddd
Also, just be aware than Macbook Pros below the midlevel 15-in Retina no longer have a separate video card; it's built into the main processor. Given that some photo apps are written to take advantage of the GPU for processing, this could be an issue for a few people. I suspect this was done for both cost reasons and to extend battery life, which is an important metric when selling laptops.
As I understand, Lightroom won't work any faster with a better GPU, although some other apps will take advantage.

 on: Today at 02:11:07 PM 
Started by nemophoto - Last post by nemophoto
Whoever Canon has abandoned, it's not the professional video photographer.


My point exactly. Canon has placed far more emphasis on their CinemaEOS cameras than anything in the 1D line.

 on: Today at 02:09:36 PM 
Started by LesPalenik - Last post by barryfitzgerald
Hum... perhaps among the small LL community. Overall people end up going for performance/price.

The area where the NX1 may be hurting the 7DII worst is video though... to quote only one sentence "The camera is expected to cost just $1499, the same in Euros and on the basis of what I saw today completely annihilates the Canon 7D Mark II in terms of the technology under the hood."


People often overestimate the impact of 4k video it's simply not widespread enough to be of any significance for "most buyers" esp not stills shooters
Even working professionals are not using full HD for some work (wedding) they are mostly using DVD still for that industry there is little demand for Blu ray let alone 4k

 on: Today at 02:08:52 PM 
Started by HaminLee - Last post by HaminLee
Kapture group sliding back adapter, Arca swiss 6x9 f/Hass V for sale.
$1200 CAD

PM and comment , thanks!

 on: Today at 02:06:17 PM 
Started by nemophoto - Last post by nemophoto
You may not be waiting too long.

Lots of buzz on Canon rumors about a 46mp full frame coming. Announcement in October at Photoexpo. Times with history as Conin does seem to make the big announcements in NY.

Hope to see it


Hate to say it, but the rumored 46MP camera has been touted as the next great thing for years... and has yet to materialize. I'll be truly surprised if it's announced at Photo Expo versus Photokina, since there is no comparison in size and prestige of the two.

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Started by JohnKoerner - Last post by pegelli
John, I like the Sigma a lot, very sharp and still "hand-holdable" when setting up a tripod is not practical (for time/space considerations).
I agree on the shadow but the little bugger didn't want to cooperate and go ans sit in a better place Smiley

Since I know you are a sucker for "quiet" backgrounds, how about this orchid (but granted, it's not taken in a swamp, but the comfort of our living room)

Btw, I like your swift crabspider a lot, lovely colours and rendering in that picture.

 on: Today at 02:04:47 PM 
Started by fmiller - Last post by fmiller

I guess the camera choice here is kind of irrelevant, but I'm considering getting a new gadget and am wondering if there is any reason to buy a used US model over a new gray (grey) market...

I can't think of a meaningful difference, but wonder if any of you might have some insight.



 on: Today at 02:01:48 PM 
Started by LesPalenik - Last post by MoreOrLess
We will see.

When Michael sells off all his beloved Nikon gear in favor or something smaller/lighter/EVF based, something is going on.

There is movement in the market, people with money get older, are looking for cameras that are smaller, help them focus,... cameras that fix their challenges and not cameras that are easier to design for engineers.

I know, they are not pro sport shooters and I am aware I am mixing different segments in this discussion, but they are not un-related.

Overall in my view, the 7DII, although it is by far the best APS-C DSLR ever designed, will probably convince few new users to enter the Canon system. i think the NX1 has far more appeal potential.

I am aware that this doesn't change the fact that Canon still has the best system and will maintain that lead for years to come, but if you think from an opportunity cost standpoint, Canon had the potential to release a camera as attractive as the NX1 and they did not. So my point is that it is fine to do a good job, but that it is better to do a better job than your competitors... but you need first to have the ability to consider obvectively who your competitors are. Consider how arrogant the big guys are in Tokyo, I seriously doubt that they discuss the Korean threat when playing golf with each others.

Kodak seemingly thought that their competitors were Fujifilm while they were DSLR vendors. I am afraid that Canon still thinks that Nikon is their only competition and the opposite may be true as well.


I think your talking about two issues where, the NX1 being a threat to Canon's higher end users who will buy the 7D2 as an action camera and the potential of the NX1 as a bit more of an all rounder.

The first I don't think is significant outside of S Korea, again I doubt the AF performance will be there and we know the lens lineup isn't.

The second I do agree with a bit more although I wouldn't necessarily say the 7D2 is an example of Canon getting things wrong. I think the camera we got was a pretty inevitable evolution of the various lines canon has with the 70D taking the original 7D's spot as an all rounder.

What Canon and Nikon are missing in there APSC lineups for me is something the size of an entry level camera but with build and controls aimed at higher end users. You look at say the Nikon D5300 and you can see its possible to fit an advanced AF unit into a small camera, something slightly larger(say 600g ish) with a tougher body, 100% viewfinder, small top plate LCD and controls more inline with higher end offerings would IMHO cut into a lot of the market for higher end mirrorless systems.

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