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 on: Today at 03:57:39 PM 
Started by EinstStein - Last post by Chrisso26
Hotels are expensive in the UK. $200 is probably average. When I stay in the UK I stay in the budget brand Premier Inn. It's basic and seriously non 4 star, but it's clean and convenient. I'm only going to be putting my head down for the night after all.
I just got back from the West Country. Beautiful!!!
Nowhere in the UK is particularly great in late Autumn/Winter, unless you are after moody grey skies, frost, wind and rain.
Bath is incredible. Stonehenge has to be seen, but is a little diminished by restrictions compared to a decade or so ago.
Places like Salisbury and Winchester are steeped in history. It's been a while since I visited those town centres and Cathedrals, so I will defer to John above.

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Started by Ellis Vener - Last post by Kevin Raber
Haven't done any speed tests yet.  I have put it through its paces with PS CC14 and Capture One.  C1 is a bit weird rendering the high res preview but once it does it is really nice.  There are a few things I need to look at there.  PS runs very fast.  Very cool to be working with images at this res that are 100% or close to it in the preview window.  I have been installing plug ins all afternoon and doing Luminous-Landscape stuff.  I am now leaving for a few days so anything more will have to wait until this weekend.  What I am seeing I am liking.  I need to try to profile the screen.  That's on this weekends list.  Keep you posted.

The images are just stunning on this machine.  No way to describe the look - you have to see it.

Kevin Raber

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Time to leaven the atmosphere. Bessa presents the new postmen uniform.

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I use luminousitymask everyday for my print work.
Semigloss and lusters papers have a property called gloss difference. So if you have really whites in your images those places are less glossy. You can easily see it.

In order to surpress the pure whites from 255 to 249/8 I used a curve and a luminosity mask.
Works fine and all my clients are satisfied.

Here is an action for it.
Works only with a single background layer!


Hi Ton,

I tried your action and the effect is so subtle... but I can see how it will reduce the gloss differential. Very cool use of LMs!

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Started by Kevin Gallagher - Last post by Eric Myrvaagnes
Thanks for posting this. I share your feelings. It pains me terribly to see such things happen to our friends up north.

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My scanning experience is with Velvia, Provia, Ektar 100 and T-MAX 100. The scanner I have used is a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro, and two 6000 PPI drum scans.

I guess I will look at Provia, when I have some time to spare.

This far I would say that I don't like scanned film.

These page are all scanned film (mostly 67 on Velvia)

These are Ektar 100:

Best regards

Thanks Bart. I have never shot with Portra so your advice is most welcome.

My last dealing with films were 4x5 sheets of Provia 100F, but it has been 7-8 years I guess. Portra was already around of course but I never got to try it out myself.


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Cell phones and backpacks are the uniform of the...


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