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 on: Today at 04:11:36 AM 
Started by dreed - Last post by Manoli
It's not broken in my version.  They must have forgot to send me the memo!

Dunno .. link.

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Started by joneil - Last post by francois
Another vote for Photo Rescue.

 on: Today at 04:06:30 AM 
Started by William Walker - Last post by francois
Nothing to add except bravo!

 on: Today at 04:06:12 AM 
Started by BartvanderWolf - Last post by Jack Hogan
Bilinear has overall lower amplitudes, produces duller images with reduced (micro-)contrast, but with the same average amplitude as the more complex methods.
EWAQuadratic has slightly lower amplitudes than Bilinear (IM Triangle filter), but also lower amplitude of aliasing.
EWARobidoux has significantly higher amplitudes at higher spatial frequencies (and aliasing), and we know that the different Keys Cubic filter produces a different trade-off between resolution and artifacts.
EWArobidouxSharp with different Keys Cubic filter settings has better preserved amplitudes (is much sharper) than the others, but also with more artifacts.

The trouble with the aliasing artifacts is that they get mixed in with the actual signal levels, and can afterwards not be separated to reduce them. That's why I have chosen a filter/blending method that produces low levels of artifacts, and allows significant restoration of detail (with lower levels of aliasing in the mix).


Bart, interesting chart.  What does bicubic (no sharp) look like?

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Started by Eric Myrvaagnes - Last post by francois
This is truly abstract, clean and beautiful!

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Started by frfr - Last post by frfr
Open to reasonable offer

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Started by travelenfree - Last post by travelenfree
I just updated my Lightroom 5.3 to 5.6.  I have 9 years of travel folders under one catalog, about 30,000 images.  Two of my folders,  years 2012 and 2014,  appeared after the update with all files.  Five folders appeared in Lightroom library showing " 0 " images.  Two folders in the library state that I have less than half of the images that I originally had in the folder.  In all the years of my updating Lightroom, this has never happened.  I would appreciate some help......   Thanks,  Travelenfree    Huh

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Started by jerome_m - Last post by george2787
This thread is veering towards the [/tongue-in-cheek] mode: OFF.
But before we officially revert to customary LuLa dialogue ...

I'll settle for the 400 million f/2 pathetically OOF  .. sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

I'm lucky to have that pirelli just in front of me and I agree  Grin

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Started by dreed - Last post by alainbriot
I have been creating collages for years Bernard.  As far back as the mid 2000s.

And photomerge works great regardless of the number of images I have collaged together.

I've had this discussion before and invariably users of dedicated applications claim that they get better results. However, in my experience this has not proven to be accurate.

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