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 on: Today at 11:53:09 AM 
Started by Tony Jay - Last post by jjj
There was nothing polite about it, Slobodan.

Canon isn't in the business of making you your perfect camera, and besides, it should be patently obvious to everyone that the intended audience for this camera is sport and wildlife photographers, not you.

Your patronising dismissal of this camera is a patronising dismissal of these entire genres, and those of us who do shoot in them.
I suggest hiding his posts. I do as I got fed up with his constant nasty, unpleasant posts ,along with personal attacks on people. I'm amazed he's still on here as people have been ejected for far less.

 on: Today at 11:53:01 AM 
Started by brntoki - Last post by D Fosse
Well, I can see Andrew's point (this isn't something to put too much energy into) - but I can also see your point (the values simply shouldn't be that high). I usually don't bother with validation myself, but the one run I did on the CX gave delta E's of 0.24 max, 0.06 average and 0.03 white.

The actual calibration and profiling processes don't display all that many patches. So the validation puts up a whole lot of patches not previously measured, and then compares measured against predicted. As such, I think it qualifies as a valid procedure for checking the accuracy of the whole process and the numbers do have a real meaning.

If there are any real inaccuracies here, they're likely to be in the sensor rather than the panel itself. The Spyders do have a bad reputation, but my impression is that the Eizo-branded units are delivered to tighter specifications. I have compared a stock Spyder3 against an Eizo EX-1, in ColorNavigator, and then compared both against an i1 Display 3.  The EX-1 and the i1D3 were for all practical purposes identical, while the stock Spyder3 gave different results which were clearly off.

That said, black rendering is not the strong side of IPS panels. Unless specific measures are taken, the characteristic off-angle "IPS white glow" can be very pronounced. The Spyder sensor, with its shallow construction, may be vulnerable to this. The i1D3 has a lens construction giving a longer, more directional light path, so it should be more immune.

I had an NEC P232 that had this white glow to such a degree that I always wondered whether it would affect black point reading, even with an i1D3. Great monitor otherwise, but blacks weren't really reliable. The Eizos I have now both have some sort of polarizing film so that black remains black from all angles.

 on: Today at 11:41:21 AM 
Started by Dave (Isle of Skye) - Last post by jjj
The bank of England is in control of the currency. It's powers are independent of any government and has been for quite a few years. So if Scotland gets to share the pound then the Tories can't control Scotland via the currency. Do you have any truthful scare stories? Roll Eyes Grin
Ahem! From the horse's mouth

Core Purpose 1 Monetary Stability
Monetary stability means stable prices and confidence in the currency. Stable prices are defined by the Government’s inflation target, which the Bank seeks to meet through the decisions delegated to the Monetary Policy Committee, explaining those decisions transparently and implementing them effectively in the money markets.

"The Bank performs all the functions of a central bank. The most important of these is supposed to be maintaining price stability and supporting the economic policies of the Government, thus promoting economic growth."

 on: Today at 11:40:48 AM 
Started by Tony Jay - Last post by rgs
Just hang around for a while... you'll get it.

for some it's more important to find out what's "wrong" instead of what's "right".

Some camera-folks spend a great deal of time with spec-sheets and hypothetical situations in order to come to their conclusions. It would seem as though the joy of actual images just isn't there and it's all about comparing gear, not really using it.

Of course, some gear isn't the best for some applications, but manufacturers recognize this and it's why they make different models. But the beat goes on...

"Some people don't have much food on their table, but they got a lot of forks and knives and they gotta cut somethin'Bob Dylan, 1961

 on: Today at 11:34:18 AM 
Started by Doug Peterson - Last post by MrSmith
Perhaps someone from Phase can clarify what IS currently supported and what WILL BE supported in the near future. Current offering doesn't really warrant the 'tethered support' moniker - little difference, if any, from a hot folder in Lightroom.

it’s still tethering though isn’t it. no other app to run and switch between. would rather use C1-8 than 7 and the sony app with watched folder.
the big difference between a watched folder in lightroom is what the files look like Wink

 on: Today at 11:28:45 AM 
Started by Wayland - Last post by melchiorpavone
... though I feel the composition may be a bit tightly-cropped, especially where the branch exits the frame. But a slightly less-tight crop is way different from "negative space" which seems to take your horizontal composition comment to an absurd level. From what we can see of the location, that "negative space" is going to contain an awful lot of eye-catching detail and the OP's vertical composition would seem the ideal approach.

Imagine the shot with the structure to the far left, with lots of sky above and field to the right.

 on: Today at 11:24:06 AM 
Started by Lundberg02 - Last post by Hening Bettermann
> The only way any wonder app will have broad acceptance is with a solid GUI. If you don't realize that you will never sell one.

Graeme does not try to sell his app, he gives it away for free! It is 'geeks' who write the programs we use - what would we do without them? Blaming them for being geeky is both absurd and impudent.

 on: Today at 11:21:50 AM 
Started by Dave (Isle of Skye) - Last post by stamper
Quote JJJ Reply #313

As for the Tories, you do realise that voting for independence means they are far more likely to be in power now as as you want to keep our currency and therefore still be be under their control.


The bank of England is in control of the currency. It's powers are independent of any government and has been for quite a few years. So if Scotland gets to share the pound then the Tories can't control Scotland via the currency. Do you have any truthful scare stories? Roll Eyes Grin

 on: Today at 11:11:33 AM 
Started by uheck - Last post by douglevy
Me too - have an H1 and want true focus if anyone's selling.


 on: Today at 11:10:39 AM 
Started by JV - Last post by Doug Peterson
I met Johannes on the show floor today. He was upbeat and optimistic they can find a business solution. He was not wanting to provide any hints, which I can understand as if they are looking for a funding source, partner, or angel investor then they would not want to scare them away by disclosing anything.

Hopefully they will find such a solution as more makers is, IMO, always a good thing, and they have some good people.

That said he also clarified that they want to find this solution in the next six weeks.

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