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 on: Today at 11:13:13 AM 
Started by Jim MSP - Last post by Jim MSP
Spider Rock, from a pretty crappy flatbed scan of a 4X5. Not my best work ever.

Thanks, a fine shot; just enhances my desire to visit.

 on: Today at 11:11:12 AM 
Started by Jim MSP - Last post by Jim MSP

I have a few images on my website about halfway down the landscape gallery if you care to look there. There is one of The Window which is a nice 4 hour adventure out and back, as I remember, passing beyond Spider Rock. Click on the image and there is a little description of getting there. Fall color is usually late October.

Deb Lem was my last guide but I no longer have her number.
Great photos, thanks. I'll try to find Deb.

 on: Today at 11:10:14 AM 
Started by Colorwave - Last post by Mike Sellers
Did you ever try rolling it on or only spray?

 on: Today at 11:01:59 AM 
Started by bcf - Last post by Jim MSP
.....and today the Phase One site appears to be down.
And it is still down.

 on: Today at 11:00:58 AM 
Started by StuartOnline - Last post by Jim MSP
My question is there any real advantage to also having Media Pro? Currently they are running a special and can purchase it for $99.00. Currently I am trying a trial version.

A bit of background: I am a serious amateur, not a professional, who uses CO, MP, and LR. I have tried multiple DAMs and raw processors on my Windows systems.

I'll answer you primary question - yes, imo, there is a big advantage to using MP. I use CO in a sessions mode, and you can send just a few photos from a large shoot into a CO session  and begin to edit immediately without waiting for CO to load and preview the whole large number of files.
That said, MP seems to be neglected. I don't like the limited CO catalog capability.
I currently use LR, MP, and CO in a workflow some would call complicated, but it works for me. I follow the path of "use what works best for the job at hand".

LR is my primary DAM - I import, rename, cull and rate everything in LR, saving everything to xmp sidecar files. I even post process my "sbapshots" with LR.
I tend to put photos into a filing system by year, with subfolders based on event, place, date, etc.
I maintain a small MP catalog for the current year. I have found a small MP catalog is quite stable, and quickly updates.
After LR, I switch to MP, update the current catalog, choose the few photos I want to PP in CO, and open them in a CO session. I will export any work into subfolders.
Later, I go back into LR, re-sync the main folder, and my main DAM is up to date.

I would be hard pressed to recommend that you buy MP, however; that is unless Phase one would give you any credit towards a new CO 8.0 which might have a much better catalog system.

 on: Today at 10:57:42 AM 
Started by armand - Last post by RSL
You're on to something with these, Armand. Good seeing.

 on: Today at 10:56:23 AM 
Started by Chris Calohan - Last post by RSL
Good street shot, Chris. Very nice.

 on: Today at 10:55:27 AM 
Started by Todd Suttles - Last post by RSL
That structure has a familiar ring as I hark back to summers in northern Michigan when I was growing up.

 on: Today at 10:53:39 AM 
Started by rogerxnz - Last post by RSL

 on: Today at 10:51:01 AM 
Started by RSL - Last post by RSL
Thanks, William. And David, Red Rock Canyon is really just an extension of Garden of the Gods. If I climb the hill behind my house and follow the ridge for a couple hundred yards, I'm in the Garden, and I've shot in the Garden off and on for years. But Red Rock was owned by a couple old cowboys who inherited it from their dad, the guy who did the quarrying, and visitors weren't welcome. A couple years ago the city of Colorado Springs bought Red Rock Canyon, so now it's open to the public.

But in the late sixties I was shooting a kids' dance class that met at Colorado College on weekends. The group got invited out to Red Rock Canyon one Saturday and I went along. Here's one picture from that shoot. You can see that rock in the background in the pictures I've been shooting lately. In those days the pond was fronted by a well-kept lawn. Now it's gone wild again.

Since we're going to sell our house and move to Florida for good I'm going to try to capture as much of the Garden and Red Rock as I can before we leave.

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