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 on: Today at 08:18:15 AM 
Started by marimagen - Last post by marimagen
I normally use the ACR noise reduction tool or Colormancer to deal with minor noise issues. But I now have to handle a few shots with a strong contrast between shadows and lighted areas. The correction I apply to improve the darker tones is too strong for the highlights: I get a "plastic" unnatural look. Is there a noise reduction tool which can discriminate between dark/light areas?
Thanks in advance for your answers,

 on: Today at 08:11:16 AM 
Started by craigrudlin - Last post by craigrudlin
I am selling some Nikon gear to help purchase a leica M.

Pictures available upon request.  Prices are net to me.

(1) A PAIR of D300 in good to excellent condition.  ONE of the cameras has been CONVERTED TO IR by LifePixel.
Asking $300 each or both for $500.  Includes battery.  If you buy both, I will throw in an extra battery and charger.

(2) Nikon 14-24 lens in good to excellent condition.  Asking $1500.00

(3) Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 lens in good to excellent condition.  Asking $1200.00

Contact me directly at:


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Started by William Chitham - Last post by Mark Lindquist
I had thought about the 91 cartidges, Damir, and only mentioned bulk Vivera as a "wish there was" kind of thing.  Still in all, you may be right about the 91 inks being half price - it would help.

So far so god with the refillable cartridge.  I really only plan to use them as "rescue cartridges" for broken HP ones that won't function.  Plan to clean it out and save for next problem.

But maybe if printing a lot, will consider the 91 inks and the refillable cartridges.  It's nice to be able to plainly see how much ink is in there. 

As an experiment, so far going well.  OP could do this with the surplus ink from the broken HP cartidge, then go back to a new HP cartridge when the refillable is depleted.

Good point about not letting it sit for too long.

 on: Today at 07:55:35 AM 
Started by Carsten W - Last post by JV
On the Apogon lenses:

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Started by padam - Last post by padam
Selling the following lens in very good condition, glass is clean and clear (no scratches haze or fungus) and the aperture and focus rings turn smoothly. Comes with a UV filter and a rear cap.
Pictures are provided here

This is the slight sharper one that I've kept of two copies, but still not razor-sharp wide-open (as you would expect). It draws very nicely though, especially for portraits and it also has stepless aperture, which is nice for videos.

Asking 120 plus shipping and fees.
If interested, please send me a PM and thanks for looking.

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Started by Carsten W - Last post by Carsten W
The Apogon appears to be very rare, I can't find any at all. You could contact DHW, but I suspect that any trade-in offer would undervalue your existing lens, and you may be better off just selling and buying. Are you in France? Who is your dealer?

 on: Today at 07:35:29 AM 
Started by tsjanik - Last post by eronald
Yes, I think if there is an issue you just send the camera back to the retailer who then negotiates with the manufacturer. Major japanese shops are usually very very reliable  people - Warranty service via the retailer used to be the case everywhere in fact.  maybe B&H and co don't offer this degree of service anymore in their effort to lower costs.

I think there are no federal customs tariffs on still cameras - you can call customs and ask.


I bought my 645D in Japan in 2011. The price difference was several thousand dollars, even including customs. I bought it through Mapcamera in Tokyo. Pentax Japan didn't offer an international warranty for it's cameras during that time and I am pretty sure that it will be the same with the new 645z. After 12 months I had a sensor problem with my camera and luckily they exchanged the camera for me, even it was not covered by the warranty.
I also bought several lenses from Japan through ebay and also through Yahoo auctions. Two times I got a lens with fungus inside, even they guaranteed that the lens would be in perfect condition. Due to the humid climate in Japan, I would advise not to buy old Pentax glas from there. There is a seller in Shinjuku who sells a lot of used Pentax glas on ebay. He writes that the lenses are checked by the official Pentax store before he sends them to you. But still he sent me a lens with fungus inside. On the pictures you can see a female model showing the lens. Avoid this guy.
So if you want to be 100% sure that you get a new body, I would buy it directly in Japan or let it send you through a website like whiterabbit.

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Started by padam - Last post by padam

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Started by Nostalgiczombie - Last post by Paul2660
Nikon 14-24

It's so good that I used it on Canon bodies, and now use it on the Sony A7r.

Pity you can't fit the Canon TS-E lenses on Nikon bodies. Otherwise I'd have gotten the D800e, then the D810, and never looked back... The Nikon PC-E lenses are a disappointment in comparison.

+1, yes it's strange Nikon doesn't seem to realize this.


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