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 on: Today at 04:55:52 PM 
Started by jferrari - Last post by jferrari
Hi Jim,

How about using a matte and a larger frame. The only downside (besides cost) is that the top/bottom versus left/right borders are of different height/width around the image, but the image will be better separated from the background/surroundings. You could even go as far as printing a faux-border on a papersize that matches a frame size, that way your actual image crop dimensions can be arbitrary.


P.S. Although it would be a defeat, you could also consider a 'liquid' rescaling (Seam carving) technique to make things fit when you upsample for the native output PPI. Just to have an alternative.

Hi Bart, the issue is not finding a work-around. I'm a canvas printer, meaning that I do not need glass and I do not need a mat. I just want to find (some of my clients and customers too) a ready-made frame that allows prints to be displayed without cropping. Frame manufacturers are living in the "dark" ages of aspect ratios and I find it irksome. Hence the rant...    - Jim

 on: Today at 04:48:46 PM 
Started by Barossa.1 - Last post by BobShaw
I think if you put the Eizo in an Apple shop it wouldn't look that great either. As I said, I have the two side by side and in correct lighting there is not much difference reflection wise or with anything else.

 on: Today at 04:40:34 PM 
Started by leeonmaui - Last post by leeonmaui

Has anybody done business with the ebay store Korea camera?

looking to make a big purchase and wondering if they are legitimate....

 on: Today at 04:36:58 PM 
Started by jerome_m - Last post by Theodoros
Photographically usable dynamic range in a real-world workflow matters a LOT to many types of photographers. dXo does not test for this. They test DR in an engineering sense.

The effect of raw processing (quite important given the manufacturer software often gets the best result out of their file), aesthetics, tonal smoothness, quality (not just quantity) and look of grain/noise, and color accuracy in deep shadow transitions are all ignored.

If/when DXO publishes the IQ150/IQ250/Credo50 I'm quite sure it will score very well. That will not change my opinion that the best way to see how a camera handles in the real world, is to shoot it in the real world, and not in a lab setting.
In other words... When a sensor captures data... it is DATA it captures... not a PHOTO-GRAPH... A photo-graph though... is what a photo-grapher ONLY cares about (otherwise he's not a photo-grapher)... AND... what a sensor captures as DR or noise or colour or contrast,... IS IRRELEVANT to what the photo-graph looks like...

Additionally... there is NO GUARANTY whatsoever, that the processing latitude is relevant to the captured amount of latitude there are sensors that capture higher DR than other but print less and other sensors that seem to capture less... but print ALL they capture... and (of course) processing media... does make A LOT of difference in both the sensor's captured data presentation, as well as the data processing latitude...

In other words... B ill is out of subject (as usual) and Erik's thread, can only lead to some more ignorants added (since those that are not... won't bother...). In fact, I won't bother anymore either...

 on: Today at 04:35:52 PM 
Started by Mark Lindquist - Last post by Geraldo Garcia
Additionally, I suppose I could measure how far off the print is from Left to right and put those dimensions in the print dialog.
Seems like a lot of fooling around to get it centered though....
Here is a screen grab of what I think you are telling me:

That is exactly what I meant, unfortunately looks like it is not the cause of your problems.
Never had any centering issues other than the margin related.
Sure, it may be possible to center manually as you described but, I agree, it is not ideal and involve some trial and error.

Just another thought: Some printers do detect the paper placement and adjust accordingly if you load it a bit more to the left or right of the correct place, but the Zs, despite their alignment detection, seems to ignore it. If you load the sheet a few millimeters to the left (or right) your margins will reflect that.

 on: Today at 04:32:30 PM 
Started by ripgriffith - Last post by amolitor
Here's the thing, jjj.

I don't care what you think. If you want to go check the truth value of some side remark I made, a couple of moments with google will provide loads of evidence that I am right. Page after page after page of "We asked so and so artists why they do it and they said..." with not one of the artists saying "to create a legacy" or anything equivalent.

Since you are too lazy to even bother with that, you obviously don't care whether what I say is true or not.

What you CARE about is winning an argument on the internet.

I don't. I don't care what you think, or what you believe. Go ahead, you win. Go collect your trophy, and the cash prize that goes with making snotty remarks on the internet.

 on: Today at 04:31:14 PM 
Started by ErikKaffehr - Last post by ErikKaffehr

I should mention that I am a Unix junkie, since 1984Ö

Best regards

Yes, a hangover from Unix, but it's not the default OSX installation and the user has to deliberately set it up that way - presumably for a good if obscure reason. If Lr were to run under it, Adobe would have to code for all sorts of oddities - eg should you allow ThisFile.nef to exist in the same folder as thisfile.NEF, and how do you then handle the user moving work to a Windows box?

 on: Today at 04:28:38 PM 
Started by John Drew - Last post by Mark D Segal
Hi Wayne,

When you've hit on the colour specs you like best and the procedure for the 4900, grateful if you could share here - while I have my own colour page for this purpose that does the job, it was not composed too scientifically, so yours' may be better at isolating channels.

 on: Today at 04:28:37 PM 
Started by EinstStein - Last post by Wayne Fox
I see that Kodak is now selling an inkjet metallic paper now that is supposed to mimic the Endura. Anyone tried it and would like to share their experience?
I just donít think you canít mimic the endura with a pigment based process. Just a difference between laying semi opaque dyes down on top of paper vs dyes encapsulated in the emulsion. Pretty sure Kodak is just sourcing the paper from the same places all the other vendors are.

Not that ink jet metallics canít look good, just wonít look the same.  I print of ton of Kodak Metallic and several of my clients who own Epsons have tried metallic papers and havenít been happy, and continue to buy from me.

 on: Today at 04:16:47 PM 
Started by snowy151 - Last post by NickT
Be sure to set the focus to manual then the user button to AF drive. Press the user button to focus  then recompose shoot.

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