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 on: Today at 11:44:51 AM 
Started by JRSmit - Last post by Robert Ardill
I agree with Mark. More important than the amount of UV, is the response of the particular OBA(s) used.

Besides, most silicon based sensors are not all that sensitive to UV wavelengths, so it could only approximate the effect on OBAs that are stimulated by 350-400 nm UV. Is that also the UV wavelength range that these OBAs are stimulated (excited) by, and which longer OBA wavelengths are then emitted as fluorescence?


Yes, I agree with Mark too.

The problem, as I see it, is that the OBA causes light to be reflected at a different wavelength: so white becomes blue-ish.  That's fine for making the paper look white, but when we then put ink down over the paper, what happens?  For example, does yellow get a green tint (because the underlying white paper reflects a blue-ish light)? If it does, and the instrument is not UV-cut, then presumably the profile will compensate for this automatically ... without any need for OBA-compensation.

So what is the need for OBA-compensation then?  Presumably, what it will do is to try to make the paper white more yellow ... and in so doing defeat the purpose of putting OBA into the paper in the first place.

With this kind of thinking, it would seem that OBA compensation is really only useful for proofing, so that we can view both the proof and the target side-by-side without the proof looking much whiter than the target (or vice-versa).

I seem to be swinging from one side to the other at this stage Smiley.  To OBA-compensate or not to OBA-compensate, that is the question.


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Started by Mike D. B. - Last post by Mike D. B.
Being an American living in Germany, I can’t quite decide, in which language to write my image keywords, captions and titles.  Both languages would be great but I’d like to somehow separate them.  I thought of writing English in one and German in another color or one language cursive but I haven’t found a way of doing so in LR.

Has anyone found a satisfactory way of writing such metadata in various (two) languages?

 on: Today at 11:38:55 AM 
Started by JV - Last post by Theodoros
Oh please BC... don't make me laugh! ...does one has to have a ..."point" as to post in forums?  Grin ...LOL. Do you really think that all this BS posted against S-007 introduction and (inevitable) success... needs ("real") reasoning?  ...don't make me laugh ...please!

The man was clear... American reactors depend on Erik's reliability and he had FOUR M8's failing... so he trusts Erik the best he can if compared to Leica's engineers... Simple logic! ...Einstein's logic!  Grin

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Started by JV - Last post by bcooter
it really is so frightfully sad that those servant techies get uppity and are seen above stairs these days.

Are you sure they're allowed above the stairs?

The Photographer is that handsome man with the leather jacket who is standing next to the AD. All the girls at Elle love him

So what's your point.



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Started by stamper - Last post by NancyP
I use 1. fleece fingerless gloves with attached flip-back mitts or 2. spandex/thinsulate glove liners and separate fleece flip-back mitts or 3. spandex/thinsulate glove liners and separate heavy duty nylon mitts with bulky thinsulate lining for maximum water and wind resistance. Go to your local hunting outfitter or outdoors outfitter (Bass Pro, Cabela's, REI, EMS, etc) and try out the selection.

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Started by wnichols - Last post by wnichols

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Started by FrankG - Last post by FrankG
I don't think aardenburg or wilhelm should do this entirely at their own expense but would rather expect the paper companies should let their buyers know what to expect of their products

 on: Today at 11:17:11 AM 
Started by FrankG - Last post by Mark D Segal
I've lived long enough now to see what happened to colour prints made in the 1950s - so I do believe in longevity. Printing is a lot of work, and if we think it may be of interest to our survivors, even within the limits of the family, printing with materials that have reasonably good archival properties remains important, at least to me, and I would expect to others as well. One can't predict at what stage in one's life it becomes important or interesting to look back, and when doing so, one wants to look back at something that has well survived the decades.I don't think this "longevity trough" is forever - there will come a time when enough people wake-up to value what they valued at the outset of this digital revolution, and then the services dealing in print longevity will see more business and be better positioned to look at different financial models from those prevailing now.

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Started by JV - Last post by Theodoros
I don't think anybody said that the quality would not be improved over previous models with the same resolution, although the evidence is still out, yet I'm confident that the quality has improved (assuming they did their homework).

The OPs question/title of this thread asked why it was the same resolution (sampling density would be more accurately stated). A higher resolution would have made some other benefits possible (such as reduced risk of aliasing, and even higher resolution from the same excellent lenses). Time will tell.

Yet, no questions answered... or will ever be! One sets the wonder... and then no analysis on the subject being set... nice logic! ...all "according to the rules!"

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Started by ripgriffith - Last post by ripgriffith
I'm a few weeks into shooting with my new GX7 and, although I really  do like the camera, there's one issue that is driving me bonkers: often, not occasionally, not rarely, but often, I grab the camera and instead of seeing the image either on the LCD or in the viewfinder, I see WHITE BALANCE! Obviously the fat part of my thumb pushes the WB button on the back  and there seems to  be no way to disengage this   button or to assign to it something a little less image blocking. 

It's something in the size of the GX7, I think, as I never had this particular problem with my GF1 or G2. Has anyone else had this problem and perhaps discovered a workaround short of radical surgery on my  thumb?

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