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 on: Today at 02:12:24 PM 
Started by BernardLanguillier - Last post by T.Dascalos
I was referring to this proposalwhich would involve selling to people using lenses for Contax, Mamiya, Hasselblad bodies instead of using Pentax lenses on a Pentax 645Z body.  The point is that adding the MDDB options would cause some customers to change from "buy 645Z + lenses" to "buy Pentax MFDB and use it with non-Pentax body and lenses".  The balance between increased back sales vs lost lens sales has to be considered.
You really don't read what you quote on... don't you?  Grin I've even proposed that they could make more versions of their 25mm lens for other brands like Contax... but you just "cropped" the sentence, replied on the remaining, although the answer was already on what you thrower away... Amazing!  Tongue

 on: Today at 02:09:27 PM 
Started by brianrybolt - Last post by ErikKaffehr
Thanks a lot for helpful postings!


Many thanks John & Slobodan.  Worked a treat!  (I never ever noticed this since I've been using LR from the beginning)


 on: Today at 02:07:38 PM 
Started by chuckn - Last post by sdwilsonsct
I like it. I wonder if the aligned distant buttes might have been separated by moving left or right.

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Started by sdwilsonsct - Last post by sdwilsonsct
Thanks for looking. Suggestions welcome.

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Started by BenjaminKanarek - Last post by BenjaminKanarek
If anyone is interested, I have posted the Mischa Barton behind the scenes video we did when we did our photo shoot with her.

Here is the link to the video:


 on: Today at 01:58:33 PM 
Started by BernardLanguillier - Last post by BJL
Sorry forgot this :   Grin

I'm glad I counted to ten before taking bait!

 on: Today at 01:49:44 PM 
Started by BernardLanguillier - Last post by ErikKaffehr

I guess that anyone can make an MFDB for a dumb camera, like the Hasselblad V-series or technical cameras. Integration with Phase One cameras or Hasselblad H-series may have issues with intellectual property.

Best regards

 on: Today at 01:49:34 PM 
Started by BernardLanguillier - Last post by eronald
Sorry forgot this :   Grin

Erik has grown a sense of humor, it seems, and has no more need of yellow pills Smiley


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Started by BernardLanguillier - Last post by MrSmith
Sorry forgot this :   Grin

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Started by Atina - Last post by ErikKaffehr

It doesn't seem that CCDs have any advantage over CMOS, possibly except astronomical applications where they are cooled with liquid nitrogen.

Well, except they are made in larger sizes… Also, it may be that they may work better with large beam angles, but that may also change.

Best regards

With the introduction of CMOS sensors into the medium-format world, what does the future look like for CCD sensors?

In your view, is there a CCD look or is it something that is vastly overvalued?

Is CMOS in your future or are you one of the photographers who is not so impressed with the latest CMOS medium-format sensor offerings?

What is your view in general about the impressions of other photographers about the CMOS sensors? Is the problem only the price? Do you predict a good future or a serious flop of the new equipment?

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