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 on: Today at 02:36:54 PM 
Started by Chris Calohan - Last post by Chris Calohan
Mostly because it is a good starting point with a Zeiss in a price range I can afford.

 on: Today at 02:35:39 PM 
Started by ErikKaffehr - Last post by Paul2660
With the colorchecker, I feel I use it as a reference also.  It's just nice to have the shot as a point in time to start the WB process.  If the day gets darker or I work into a shady situation, I of course shoot another shot.  I most often will be tweaking the final WB in C1 many times to get where I want the final shot to be.  Sure would love to see C1 allow WB adjustments in adjustment layers, like LR allows with the adjustment brush.   Most times I feel the colorchecker shot in bright daylight is a bit warm anyway.   I always capture the raw with the "daylight" WB setting. 

As for the LCC's, I have found it helps to WB the processed LCC.  This is after C1 has processed the LCC.  It's rare that a LCC comes back with a neutral grey color, as sunsets will tend to give a yellow amber coloring and LCC"s in low light tend to have a bluer hue.  Once the LCC is processed, I will click on it with the WB tool and then use that WB as a starting point in C1.  This also seems to give me a better starting WB. 

As a landscape shooter, the WB is to me what I want it to be, as it's my memory of the scene that I am working to create a photograph of.  If working with a situation where I must attempt to get a realistic representation of the actual color so&metimes the colorchecker helps quite a bit.  I have run into this with architecture and car & airplane shoots.  Most times the owner has a preset idea of the color and to me it's critical to be able to recreate it. 


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Started by Hulyss - Last post by Hulyss
The SD1m is a banding machine, really. It need a lot of PP to render it good. The DP3m is far better at all levels for this focal.
The SD1m do not have any kind of live view. You might think "...ok" but no. A DLSR, especially a foveon DSLR, need live view.

The next SD might have it. If not, it will be just ridiculous.

So if the next SD come the last, after the DP3Q, it might be a very good Quattro gear.

 on: Today at 02:26:50 PM 
Started by MrSmith27 - Last post by capital
Two unrelated things regarding Quattro:

First, I am wondering aloud here, why is that we are experiencing this pixel level blurring if the top layer is supposed to act as the luminance layer? Is this an artifact of the code or a fundamental idiosyncrasy of this new layout? *If* the image were extracted from the topmost layer only, I think I should expect the same pixel level acuity of the x3 designs. I also remember reading something to the effect that human vision is such that perceived color resolution is lower than luminosity resolution. Which has me wondering what is going on at the pixel level of these Quattro renderings.

Second point, I am noticing if I increase sharpening for even the ISO100 DP2Q test shots that this also is sharpening noise. So a standard Photoshop "smart sharpen" is not cutting it, instead a round trip into Lightroom to add some noise reduction + sharpening appears to do better. Is this the experience of others?

 on: Today at 02:19:52 PM 
Started by JV - Last post by torger
Hi Anders,

You have any info on the survival issue?

Best regards

No I don’t have any connections with that kind of information. Usually only a small group of owners, management and economic administration people know the true status. A company in financial trouble don't want employees, customers or anyone else to know, as it may cause "abandon ship" and fail the company in a tough situation that it otherwise can survive.

I'm just guessing like everyone else that they do have a tough time, based on product strategy we have seen.

 on: Today at 02:18:46 PM 
Started by Dave Pluimer - Last post by Dave Pluimer
Did a search and didn't find a lot of recent posts on the subject.

Any tips or input for landscape/seascape locations in Point Reyes? Not really interested in taking postcard photos - something unique if it's possible. Probably going Monday afternoon and evening.

 on: Today at 02:13:42 PM 
Started by BernardLanguillier - Last post by bcooter
I don't think any of these charts talk about image quality as much as market penetration.

Canon had a full frame camera way before Nikon, way before anyone and if you were a professional 8 years ago, it was Canon or medium format or both.

It took Nikon forever to come out with a full frame camera and when they did, it was aimed more at the sports photographer than the general advertising market.

Consequently a lot of people have a lot of legacy Canon glass.

Also Canon jumped on the low cost video bandwagon early with the 5d2, continued on with the Canon mount on the 1dc, the c100 to 500 and most third party cameras like RED have a Canon mount solution.

Nikon is just beginning to start promoting video and now offers a "kit" with the d810, along with a marketing campaign, which in 2014 is kind of like someone at Nikon said, "you know video might be a big market", which kind of makes you wonder what they were thinking in 2009.

Once again, I'm not judging usability, color, detail, image quality, just market density and Canon had a very long head start.

In fact Nikon had a leg up in cinema and video in the adoption of their lenses.  For decades the only still camera lenses used for cinema and video were basically Nikon and older Nikon lenses like the 50mm 1.2 still go for a decent price.

Why Nikon didn't capitalize on this is confusing, especially since they had no ENG camera market to protect.

So bottom line, of the image makers I know that shoot combination projects, few don't leave the door without some kind of Canon product, whether it be cameras and bodies or tilt shift lenses.

Canon covers a lot of territory and once again this isn't meant to start flaming any other brand because I own both and don't sell cameras for a living.



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Started by Dave (Isle of Skye) - Last post by Dave (Isle of Skye)
Thanks guys for taking the time look and comment  Wink


 on: Today at 02:07:04 PM 
Started by dumainew - Last post by PeterAit
Matters not at all. Printers don't do "layers" and PS will, in essence, flatten the image before sending to the printer.

 on: Today at 01:57:01 PM 
Started by Hulyss - Last post by palpman
Well, if the new SD features a Quattro sensor, I'm not sure it'll be worth it. We can still pray for a FF foveon... I'd put a lot of money on the table for that.

EDIT: these shots, taken with an SD1M + 35mm ART, are just stunning:

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