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 on: Today at 12:03:17 PM 
Started by torger - Last post by torger
Yep! ...that's right! May I suggest a CF back instead (cf-39 would be nice) or even a Dalsa 33mp one (Leaf 75/75s/7/7ii or Sinarback 75/75lv)? Personally, I would prefer a Kodak 22 sensor back (instead of 39), but 33mp is IMO the best sensor that Dalsa has ever made... All the above (Kodak 22&39 + Dalsa 33) are microlenses free...

I have an Aptus 75. I want a bit more pixels and still keep a working focus check, and a good price. H4D-50 and Aptus-II 10 are about the only alternatives for that. I don’t like the wide aspect ratio of the Aptus-II 10, and the Hasselblad is more tech ultrawide friendly. The Hasselblad is a bit noisy in the shadows but I can deal with that.

The reason I want more pixels is to resolve a little bit more, and reduce aliasing in f/11 shots. Not sure how much difference it will make though.

 on: Today at 12:03:10 PM 
Started by Gulag - Last post by jjj
My friend who had her breasts reduced did so as they literally caused her pain with her back and shoulder where the bra straps dug in. They didn't feminise her, instead they made her a bit freakish as they were way too big for the rest of her. Anyone thinking she should not have done that is the one lacking sanity or compassion.

I also know people who dislike big boobs and prefer slender women. They still managed to have plenty of kids in spite of not their women not being suitable for the job according to you. And God knows how orientals manage as they tend to be quite slight and very lacking in curves compared to Westerners. Then there's the African tribes who are very tall and slender and completely in contrast to others tribes who are all curves and yet somehow all these varied people manage to reproduce.
BTW women with hardly any boobs are still able to breastfeed normally as they get bigger and full of milk when needed.

Personally I prefer an hourglass shape, but I certainly do not agree that women who according to your blunt definition are not women, because they are perfectly capable of being a mother. There's a reason why women's bodies undergo changes during pregnancy and it's to facilitate ease of birth and nursing.

 on: Today at 12:02:49 PM 
Started by Ellis Vener - Last post by allegretto

I tried the 90mm version.  While extremely well-made and great optically, I chose to stick w/ the Nikon 85. 

One thing I wanted it for, especially with the lens-mounted foot, was shift-stitching.  In order to perform a left-center-right stitch, you have to loosen the clamp, rotate the lens 180˚, counter-rotate the camera, then re-tighten the clamp.  In contrast, with the Nikon you shift left and shift right, counter-shifting the body in an A-S clamp.

The optical improvement wasn't enough to overcome the price and cumbersome use for me, YMMV.

Gee, why not just center it at half your shift. No other clamping needed. No body shifting either.

I have tried the 90 Schenider thru 3 examples. on every one the controls were so tight it would hurt my hands to change orientation as well as adjustment of degrees of T/S. I thought the 50 would be that way too. but amazing m 50 is butter-smooth. Maintaing the nodal point and such easy reference is wonderful with this lens for that purpose.

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Started by allegretto - Last post by allegretto
yes yes

but for me an investment in an M240 and an MM is a bit over the top

not talking about a different body. Talking about re-routing the signal thru the right processor. Could be firmware controlled

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Started by torger - Last post by torger
I will need an external battery yes. A drawback, but not too bad.

I have 33 megapixels today, I'd like to have 50, I find that to be a nice balance, also like the 49x37 sensor size. 39 megapixels is too small upgrade, and iq260 way too expensive.

Hasselblad is often quite cheap second hand, at least here in Sweden, but getting the body when you don't need it does make prices a bit less attractive of course.

 on: Today at 11:52:27 AM 
Started by LesPalenik - Last post by janus
Any film and/or digital panoramic cameras there?

 on: Today at 11:50:22 AM 
Started by Gulag - Last post by John Koerner
Yet others don't like big boobs and bums. Just personal taste that's all.

They don't necessarily have to be big, but they have to exist.

The entire form and function of the female body is to produce babies, and the singular uniqueness of their structure (hips/tits) is to facilitate the delivery and sustenance of the infant.

Therefore, aesthetics aside, since form (literally) follows function, it is anatomically-correct to say, "Without tits and hips, it's not a woman."

So, not only are these areas what create their curves and beauty from an aesthetic standpoint, they literally create their function as "females" ... and so to graphically or surgically minimize these areas is, literally, to de-feminize them. And I can't imagine any sane, heterosexual desiring to do such a thing.


 on: Today at 11:49:24 AM 
Started by torger - Last post by Theodoros
I've started to look for second hand deals on a H4D-50 because of the tech cam friendly sensor and 100% focus check on screen.

Those are sold with body though, which would be unused by me. Am I right in my assumption that the body is inseparable, ie I can't sell it without the back? Can't be upgraded to a H4x or something either?
Yep! ...that's right! May I suggest a CF back instead (cf-39 would be nice) or even a Dalsa 33mp one (Leaf 75/75s/7/7ii or Sinarback 75/75lv)? Personally, I would prefer a Kodak 22 sensor back (instead of 39), but 33mp is IMO the best sensor that Dalsa has ever made... All the above (Kodak 22&39 + Dalsa 33) are microlenses free...

 on: Today at 11:49:21 AM 
Started by richarddd - Last post by richarddd
One of the things with PC laptops is that there are a lot of interesting designs out there. This monster from a few years back being one aimed at photographers. Not photographers who travel light though!   Grin

 on: Today at 11:49:05 AM 
Started by petermfiore - Last post by RSL
It's certainly a matter of taste. I guess I've spent too much time looking at street photographs in books. Anything other than B&W strikes me as wrong. Even with the toning it's still a very fine shot.

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