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Author Topic: 5 Star Rating Tip  (Read 1519 times)
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« on: February 29, 2008, 10:11:45 PM »

To make it easier to find my FINAL processed images among all the RAWS I came up on this trick.

1 - In LR Rate an image as 5 Star

2 - Open in Photoshop & get File Info - do not fill out any metadata, leave everything blank

3 - Save Metadata - Name the metadata preset whatever you like, I name my "Final"

4 - Close out file -  you do not need to save it

5 - Now in LR adjust ANY image(s) & open up in Photoshop

6 - After you have adjusted & retouched the image(s) then "Get File Info" & use the Preset    
     Metadata you made earlier - Save & close file

7 - In LR the image is automatically is set as 5 Star - Now just view all of the 5 Star image to see        
     your final Processed images.

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