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This page was last updated in mid-2000. The number of travel articles and portfolios has grown dramatically since then. Rather than make this page too unwieldy with new additions I suggest that you visit the site's Subject Index for a comprehensive and up-to-date look at what's available here.


We all want to shoot in exotic locales.  For many landscape photographers — myself included — the American Southwest is a favourite.  But, unless you're fortunate enough to live in Flagstaff, Las Vegas, or somewhere similar, the opportunities to photograph in red-rock country or the canyon-lands may only come once a year, if that often.

In Red Rock Country In Red-Rock Country — 1999 Steve Kossack

Don't despair.  Though for the past few years I've tried to squeeze in a couple of trips a year to the high plains, the desert or the Sierras, one's own back-yard can offer as much variety and stimulation if you give it a chance.  The following pages are designed to show both exotic and mundane locations in a fresh light.

About the Author

Michael Reichmann has been both a professional photographer as well as avid amateur for more than 35 years.  He was a photojournalist in Canada through the 1970's and early '80s.  His work has been published many times and he has had several gallery exhibits.

Today, he devotes his energies to landscape photography, photographic journalism, collecting and teaching.

People in the Landscape

Many landscape photographers prefer to create images where the "Hand of Man" can not be seen, even though, ironically, the shot may have been taken from the side of a busy interstate.  While I usually take this approach, I occasionally enjoy creating images where human context or scale enhances the image.

Rural Ontario

I have lived in Toronto for nearly 35 years and spent many summers in the countryside of Muskoka, Ontario .  Though during that time the city has grown dramatically there are still rolling hills and farmland within less than an hour's drive of downtown.  While my heart lies in the American Southwest I find many opportunities for landscape work in my own "backyard".

Muskoka is a region of lakes and pine trees on the pre-Cambrian shield starting two hours north of Toronto.  It has been a summer cottage retreat for Canadians and Americans for more than 100 years.  I have a country home in the region and with my newly-rekindled interest in large format work will use it as a base for photographic exploration of the region.

The American Southwest

Like many landscape photographers I find myself enchanted with the Southwest.  The Sierra, the National Parks of Utah, the millions of square miles of desert and mountains captivates my imagination.  Though I live in the Northeast, for the past few years I have made at least two trips westward annually, specifically to do photography in the region.

The first of several articles on these trips, to Arches & Canyonlands National Parks was done in 1996.  It was originally published elsewhere on the web and is now reprinted here. A second visit to these parks was done in the winter of 2000.  Zion National Park is featured as well, as is Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park.  Read about Antelope Canyon as well, one of the photographic icons of the Southwest.

I visited Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly in the spring of '99, and the Eastern Sierra in the fall of '99. I returned to Monument Valley again in the late Winter of 2000 for a Workshop I was conducting. Then, in the Spring of 2000 I spent 8 days rafting the Colorado River though the Grand Canyon,  

I extensively use the Photograph America Newsletter by Robert Hitchman to plan my trips. It is without doubt the finest travel resource for landscape photographers and I highly recommend it . 

To learn more about the spirit, history and geography of this region, I also recommend two books in particular. Check them out.

The California Coastline

Few places are both as beautiful yet desolate, as the northern California coastline. From just north of the Golden Gate to the town of Mendecino, Highway 1 hugs the coast and provides some magnificent opportunities for landscape photography as well as the simple pleasures of touring and vacationing.

Nature & The Living Landscape

As discussed elsewhere, I am not a wildlife photographer and therefore there will be little found on that topic here.  But, living things are part of the landscape — sometimes as a detail and sometimes as the dominant theme.  Here are found a selection of my favourite images of this type.

B&W & Monochrome

Though I mostly work in colour, from time-to-time I do shoot in black and white and I also sometimes de-colorize images in PhotoShop if I think that they work better in monochrome.

Travels Abroad

Though we all think that exotic foreign locales would be ideal locations for photography I often find that unless the trip is specifically targeted for photography it is better to play tourist and not try too hard.


Now and then images don't easily fall into neat categories.  Sometimes one sets out to photograph one thing and find something else that interests or pleases more.  This section consists of images that are not landscape photographs per-se, but that please, provoke or otherwise interest me.  Maybe they're just part of the landscapes of the mind.

Digital Manipulations

The digital darkroom is, for me, simply a substitute for what I've done for many years with the enlarger and chemicals.  Adjustments to brightness, contrast, colour saturation and, of course cropping, are usually the limit of the controls that I exercise on the computer.  But, very occasionally an image needs help.  This section show some of these and the thinking behind them.


Even when luminous  landscapes are what we seek occasionally one finds humor and whimsy instead.  Here is a collection of photographs that make me smile.  Unless framed in red they are not linked to larger versions.