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As someone who has purchased one of our Training Videos or HD Video Journals, we would like to offer you the opportunity to give a copy of one of these to a photographer friend anywhere in the world. You choose the gift – we do the work.

And, if you've never bought from us before, all you need to do is open a new account. No prior purchase necessary. You can even gift yourself as well!

Select your gift purchase from our Holiday Gift Store between now and December 25th. Once you have completed the purchase, download the two small PDF files that are associated with the product.

The first PDF contains a seasonal greeting from the Luminous Landscape along with instructions for the recipient, URLs and a unique coupon for the free download of the product you chose.You then email that PDF to your friend with your own holiday gift message. The second PDF is similar but is our gift to you, it contains a unique coupon code that allows the free download of any single copy of our standard definition Luminous Landscape Video Journals – #1 through #18. You may keep this for your own use or email it as an additional gift to your friend – an additional $10 value at no cost to you.

That's all there is to it.

All gifts are 25% Off our regular prices and include a free Video Journal of your choice.

Spread the holiday cheer with a gift that inspires and informs.

Give a Gift of The Luminous Landscape

No Taxes – No Duties – No Delays
Available World-Wide



Offer Valid Through December 25, 2009


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