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Celebrating Our 15th Year

Tree, New Zealand, December 2012
Phase One IQ 180 with 28mm lens, 1/10th sec. f/18 at ISO 35

by Kevin Raber
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lu-mi-nous (lue'muh nuhs) adj.    
1. radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright.   
2. clear; readily intelligible
Welcome to The Luminous Landscape, the web’s most comprehensive site devoted to the art and technique of photography.  You will find on these pages instructive feature articles, travel and technical discussions, product reviews and a very active Discussion Forum. 

Four Seasons In France

By Aaron Greenman  READ . . .

We take a bit of a different twist today with an essay by Aaron Greenman, Four Season In France.  Aaron’s essay covers a bit of history, some insight into an old film called Autochrome and accompanying images he made using the look of Autochrome.  It’s an interesting read and a look at some interesting modern day images using the Autochrome effect.



The Granting Process

By Alain Briot   READ . . . .

Alain Briot one of the finest instructors I have met and a regular contributor on Luminous-Landscape and is one of the jurors for the Luminous-Endowment.  You can learn about the jurors on the Endowment site.  Today Alain shares with us his insight into the Granting Process and how a photographer who may interested in obtaining a grant can prepare better and submit a grant application that will give them an edge.  At the same time, it gives those of us who won’t be requesting a grant somethings to think about as we go about creating our regular work and projects.



Robert Hitchman's 'Photograph America Newsletter'

By Kevin Raber  READ . . . 

For the last 15 years, I have been purchasing and using the Photograph America Newsletter published by Robert Hitchman.  I got turned onto this publication when I visited Big Bend National Park with some fellow photographers.  His guide was a tremendous help getting us to the best spots.  Every time I took a trip to a National Park or other popular photographic location I would check the big binder of newsletters from Robert. Now all of his newsletters are available electronically, and fit on a jump drive.

The opportunity presented itself a few months ago to visit with Robert, and along with Chris I did a short interview of the man behind the Photograph America Newsletter.  This video is now available to view and download for $10 USD.  I know... $10.00 for an interview, but you receive two Photograph America PDFs with the download, plus there is also an included PDF giving details of a -25% discount on your first purchase of the Newsletter or the whole collection - printed or electronic.  Check out the details and links to this offer at Photograph America Newsletter.



Camera Equipment of The Year – 2014

By Michael Reichmann and Kevin Raber  READ . . . 

It’s been an interesting year photography wise with some groundbreaking new products.  The trend is towards mirrorless and the stand out products this year fell into the mirrorless category.  As always Luminous-Landscape has its eye on the hot gear.  Today Michael Reichmann and Kevin Raber share their Camera Equipment Of The Year report.  Read what they thought was hot and not as well as disappointments and predictions for the coming year.


Observing and Managing Color:
Dealing With Human Vision Anomalies

By Charles Johnson Jr.  READ . . . 

A few years ago I was traveling with LuLa’s good friend Bill Atkinson.  Over dinner one night we got into a conversation on color and how the human eye and mind see color.  It was quite fascinating not to mention mind boggling.  Bill is one of the industries experts on color. Over the years, we have published stories about Color and Human Vision.  The way the eye sees color is quite fascinating. Today Charles Johnson Sr. shares his article on Observing and Managing Color: Dealing With Human Vision Anomalies.   An interesting read on understanding how we see color especially when working photographically


Sony A7 MKII Hands On

by Michael Reichmann READ...

Some companies (you know who I mean) are slow, stodgy, conservative and cautious. None of these adjectives can be applied to Sony. They are impetious, aggressive, innovative and overall risk takers. If they screw up, as they sometimes do, they simply brush themselves off and forge ahead. With the recently introduced Sony A7 MKII we see a continuing evolution of what was once the NEX brand and is now just Sony's Alpha brand using the new full frame FE mount. 

I have had a week to work with the new MKII. With its redesigned body, in-body stabilization and superior autofocus this is the best 7 series camera yet, and one of the most interesting new cameras of 2014. I already have one on order.

Read my report here.


The Olympus 40-150mm Lens

By Kevin Raber  READ . . .

It’s a photographers market right now.  Tough decisions must be made as to what gear to purchase.  There is no question the mirrorless revolution is well under way.  We recently reviewed the new Samsung NX1 with some very impressive specs.  The Olympus OMD and Fuji systems have been growing very fast and let’s not forget Sony with the amazing a7 system.  Sony took another step forward this last week and announced the Sony a7 II with some amazing features.  We are now testing a version and we should have a report very soon. So, if you join the mirrorless movement which system do you go with?  They are all good and offer amazing performance. We’ll be visiting a number more of the mirrorless options over the next few weeks. Hopefully we can help you make the choice bestt for you.

So, continuing with our focus on the mirrorless systems we post Kevin Raber’s look at the new Olympus 40-150mm Pro zoom lens. This new lens is the second of four announced Pro Lenses by Olympus, that are on the road map to be shipped.  This lens is a good example of what smart engineering is all about and is quite a performer.  Read more HERE.


Another Two Barytas in the Neighbourhood

By Mark Segal  READ . . . 

There hasn’t been a lot of activity in new printers lately, but there has been a number of new ink jet paper introductions.  We are looking at and testing a number of different and interesting papers.  Today, Mark Segal looks at two new papers from Hahnemuhle and Moab.  Another Two Barytas in the Neighbourhood takes a look at these two papers and how they can fit into your printing workflow.


Uniqball, A Unique Approach To Leveling

By Nick Devlin   READ . . . .

We have been trying some pretty cool new gear out over the last few weeks.  Michael has already shared his First Impressions of the Samsung NX1.  A lot of the products we are now working with and will report on soon were announced at Photokina.  One of these products was a new style ball head.  Just when you didn’t think you could improve on a ball head concept any further we see a new player from Hungary introduce a new style ball head.  Today, Nick Devlin gives us a look at the Uniqball, A Unique Approach To Leveling.  This ball head is available at B&H Photo.  I ordered one.


From Thanksgiving Until Christmas

A Special Opportunity For Giving And Receiving

We are announcing a Special Opportunity For Giving and Receiving starting today and running to Christmas Day. To help raise money for the Luminous-Endowment, to be used to finance future grants, The Luminous Endowment has created a special new and lower donation level of $200. The reward that you will receive for this tax-deductible donation is a copy of Michael Reichmann's new book – A Twenty Year Retrospective. Normally this book requires a $350 donation to be received as a reward for your donation. This will be the price again after December, 25th.  

Michael’s beautiful book would make a great Holiday gift for the photographer in your life or maybe you want to hint to someone special that you would like this as a gift.  To learn more on how to Give and Receive - click here


Luminous Endowment Grant Winners – November, 2014

Today we announce the winners of the first round of grants. We are proud to announce that we have awarded $20,000 USD in grants this past week.

Luminous-Endowment Grant Winners

The amount of grant requests were incredible and we hope to see many more in our next round of grant requests.  This program would not be possible without donations from our readers as well as some very generous private and corporate donors.  Please take a look at our site and consider how you can be part of helping aspiring photographers make their dream projects come true.


Yellowstone In Winter

By Nigel Turner  READ . . . .

In the last week just about all parts of North America received a very early preview of winter.  In Buffalo they received nearly 6 feet of snow.  And that is before Thanksgiving.  So, in honor of a cold winter ahead we present Nigel Turner’s article on Yellowstone In The Winter.  Nigel who shared an article Symphony In Stone takes us deep into Yellowstone during the coldest part of winter.  Enjoy some beautiful photography and remember just because it is cold out doesn't mean your cameras need to gather dust sitting on the shelf.



Samsung NX-1 First Impressions

By Michael Reichmann   READ ...

It’s been an exciting week at LuLa.  All the cool new products that were announced at Photokina are finally shipping and arriving at our doorstep for testing and reviews.  Every Photokina has its surprises and this Photokina the buzz was all about the Samsung NX-1.  The specs of the NX-1 were certainly impressive.  Of course we were skeptics as the camera was made by Samsung, a relatively new player in the camera field.  So, does the NX-1 live up to its specs?  Read Michael Reichmann’s Samsung NX-1 First Impressions article to see


Antarctica 2015 Trip Winner

By Kevin Raber  READ . . . .

Earlier this year Luminous-Landscape announced a special promo for our video subscription services.  The offer was that if you purchased an annual subscription to our videos we would enter your name for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to our 2015 Antarctica Workshop Trip.  We are happy to today to announce the winner of this trip, Michele Sons from Roanoke, Virginia USA.


Scannerless Digital Capture and Processing of Negative Film Photographs

By Mark D Segal & Todd Shaner   READ . . .

Have you tried buying one of those legendary high-quality film scanners recently and been frustrated by their scarcity and high prices? Do you have countless slides and negatives (especially the latter) you would like to digitize but get turned-off by the time and boredom of scanning and the learning curve of scanning software? Using a camera instead of a scanner for photographing the film isn’t a new idea, but Mark Segal and Todd Shaner decided to revisit this approach with fresh thinking about equipment, techniques and novel processing approaches. They developed two very different workflows for “scanning” negatives that they found so successful they thought it worthwhile sharing them with those interested. Their research findings and recommended workflows are in a comprehensive PDF available in their article Scannerless Digital Capture and Processing of Negative Film Photographs.


Arches National Park - A Quick Photography Guide

By QT Luong  READ . . .

The National Parks in the US offer a wide variety of photographic opportunities for the landscape photographer.  There is so much to see and photograph, and all of these great parks have something unique to see.  This is the second of a continuing series of National Park Quick Guides by QT Luong.  In his previous guide QT described all the good locations in Acadia National Park.  Today QT takes us to Arches National Park, which is one of the most famous parks for photographers.


The Think Tank Navigator Bag

By Kevin Raber  READ . . .

Many of us do a lot of traveling to capture the special images that we enjoy so much.  Getting to these special locations is a challenge these days. We face weight and size limitations of the airlines not to mention our own as we do everything we can do to reduce size and weight of our kits.  Over the years I have collected way too many bags trying to accomplish the ultimate carry solution for my gear.  Today I share one of the newest and best bags I have owned as well as some other tips on how I travel with my gear.  Check out The Think Tank Navigator article as well as a short video and hopefully you’ll find some good information that will help you in your travels. 


Guide To The Fuji X-T1

By Kevin Raber  READ . . . 

Luminous-Landscape pioneered instructional videos years ago with the very successful Lightroom Tutorials.  Now, LuLa takes the same format and applies it to the operation of popular cameras.  Our first in a series of Camera Guide Tutorials we introduce today – Lu-La’s Guide To The Fuji X-T1.  This new tutorial is 3 hours in length and covers all aspects of the set-up and use of this popular camera.  Kevin Raber, LuLa’s publisher along with Jarrid Spicer of Roberts Camera in Indianapolis, Indiana walk you through the process. 

The LuLa Guide To The Fuji X-T1 is available now to LuLa Video Subscribers (FREE) as well as an individual download for $29.95.  There are 14 videos totaling three hours.  Each video has chapter markers to quickly access the control or menu item you may be interested in.  There is also a PDF available with all the chapters listed.


The Pentax 645Z - In Depth Review

By Michael Reichmann  READ  . . .

There has been a lot of talk about major camera companies possibly taking steps into the medium format digital marketplace.  Till now these have just been rumors. But this is a market segment that is not going away, regardless of what some people say.  One of the relative newcomers to this market is Pentax. Over the last few years the Pentax line has evolved and recently Pentax introduced the Pentax 645Z as a major upgrade to their previous 645D.  Did they get it right:? The Pentax 645Z - In Depth Review by Michael will try and answer these questions for you.


The Ultimate Iceland Workshop ONLY 2 SOTS LEFT

By Kevin Raber   Find Out More  . . . 

Iceland, a landscape photographers heaven.  Luminous-Landscape was one of the first to explore and offer workshops in this magnificent country.  That was over 10 years ago and since then there are dozens of workshops being offered there and at times popular locations can be over run by photography workshops and photographers.  As a result we have avoided doing workshops in Iceland until now.

After lots of discussion and work we are ready to offer a workshop in Iceland again and it will be different than all others.  Teaming up with Daniel Bergmann one of (if not) the best guides and photographers in Iceland, LuLa is proud to offer the Ultimate Iceland Adventure.  This workshop will be held next June 22 – July 1st 2015.  

If you have been to Iceland before and now want to see a part that you haven’t seen before then this is the workshop for you.  It will have heavy focus on the beautiful highlands and includes aerial photography.  This 10 Day / 9 night adventure will sell out quickly so visit the Rockhopper Workshops site and register today.

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