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There are many fine photographers with web sites.  I fact there are now literally thousands of personal pages and photographic portfolio web sites. Below are some that I have visited from time to time and have found to be of interest. Since such pages come and go not all pages shown here may still be active.

Lucid Images Home Page


Lucid Images by Jan Allinder and Deb Henson is a very fine site containing both a gallery of excellent nature photography and a number of worthwhile articles on the craft, including digital topics. Highly recommended. 

Bob Atkins is an active member of Photo Net and an accomplished nature photographer.  His site contains some excellent images and as well as technical advise for nature photographers, with a particular emphasis on Canon 35mm equipment.

Mike Levin's Photo Gallery 

Nature and landscape photography from Northern California, Hawaii, Europe, Chile, featuring Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park photos.  Includes high resolution images suitable for Windows Wallpaper.

The End of The World Photographs of Antarctica

A site with unique and luminous landscape images from Antarctica, by Wende Lee.

Rich Shelton's Photography
Rich Shelton's Photography site features his photographs as well as several interesting articles and equipment reviews.

Optiques Classic Photographic Imagery

Photographer Jeffrey Nutkowitz has an excellent eye. He favours the Southwest (as I do) ‹ and his site provides a well presented window into his work and feeling for the natural landscape.


Nature and landscape photographer Dean M. Chriss has an excellent eye. His photo gallery has a large selection of very high quality images.

Alain Briot is an exceptional photographer. Fine-art trained in France, he now resides in Chinle, AZ and devotes himself full-time to photographing the western landscape. We are proud to have added a display of Alain's work to our Guest Photographer gallery.

Wise's   Wilderness

Geoff Wise is an Australian photographer whose site presents an impressive collection of images of the Australian landscape. He calls himself a "bushwalker turned photographer". There are a great many locations here that are completely unknown to Europeans and North Americans. Gotta fix that one of these days.

Logo of Larry Malvin Photography featuring landscape, nature and digital photographs.

Larry Malvin is a talented photographer with an on-line gallery that displays a strong eye for the landscape as well as other aspects of nature photography.

Photographer Tony Kuyper of Arizona has a particularly good eye for the Southwestern landscape. I only wish that we could see more of his work there.

The Saxe Photo Gallery. David Saxe is a friend from my youth who has long shared an interest in photography. He has been working with the Hasselblad XPan since 1999 and his on-line gallery features some excellent B&W work.

Scott R Squires ‹ Nature Photography is a personal photography site launched in early 2000. It features landscape, nature and panoramic galleries with several strong images.

Dave Lawrance is a cycling and photography enthusiast living in Yorkshire England whose site features some fine landscape work.

ImgXthumb.JPG (7154 bytes) Jon Wyatt is a U.K. based photographer with a very different approach to landscape photography. In his own words, "In my image-making I choose to ignore the constraints of traditional landscape photography. Instead light, colour and space form the intrinsic subjects of these ambient and minimalist images. This abstraction enables the viewer to bring to the images their own interpretations, ideas and experiences."

Shaun O'Boyle has traveled the world extensively, and his web page includes photographs and text describing his adventures in enjoyable detail.

Landscape Photography by Alex Donnelly is another U.K. site by a very talented photographer with an excellent eye and sense of graphic style. Featured are portfolios from Venice and Tuscany and the Indian subcontinent.

C.C. Lockwood is an experienced nature and landscape photographer who I had the pleasure of working alongside on a May, 2000 rafting trip down the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon. CC has several photographic books in print, including  Beneath The Rim, A Photographic Journey Through the Grand Canyon.

Damon Smith is an impressive Australian photographer who specializes in panoramic landscapes. He uses a Fuji GX617 camera system.

Douglas Nielsen has a web site that show how someone can have a love for photography that spans a lifetime. Even though there may be a gap of many years, a consistency of vision is apparent.

Sons of the Desert 

Jeffrey Wong's web site is definitely worth a visit if, as I do, you love the southwestern desert. An excellent eye and passion for the landscape is revealed.

Nature Photography by Gary D. Tonhouse

Gary lives in Iowa, the American prairies, and is an ardent conversations. His gallery features wildlife as well as landscape work of a high caliber.

Ramblin Cameras

A site by Walt and Mimi Miller specializing in underwater photography. I'm always in awe of high-quality underwater images because I know how incredibly hard they are to do well.

West of the prairie...The Canadian Rockies

A site by Roger Schmidt devoted to the landscape of Canada's Rocky Mountains. An invaluable resource for anyone planning a photo trip to the region and an inspiration.

Graf Photography ‹ Images of Wildlife and Nature

This is one of the most beautifully designed photography web sites with which I am familiar. Mark and Lisa Graf are two very talented nature photographers whose work and site are a must-see.

Icelandic Nature and Wildlife Images

Daniel Bergmann is a talented nature and landscape photographer who lives in Iceland. His web site features an excellent portfolio as well as valuable information for anyone interested in visiting and photographing there.

Digital Photo Outback is a new site (September, 2000) dedicated to outdoor and nature photography using digital camera equipment. I'm looking forward to seeing how this site develops. It's off to a good start.

If you like landscape photography, particularly skyscapes, you'll love Peter Jarver's Wildscape Australia web site. Quite fantastic work.

Gary Black is a Canadian photographer with an excellent web site.  It displays his portfolio as well as providing a number of well written articles on the craft of photography. Worth your visit, especially to see some of his photography of Eastern Canada.

Bob Grabowski Photography

Specializing in the Adirondack mountains Bob's gallery features some fine colour photography from the Northeastern United States.

Jim Erhardt

Jim is a prolific web contributor and a very fine photographer. He has a special affection for the Canon 35mm SLR system.

Natural Order Photography

This site contains some excellent fine-art landscape and nature photography by Scott Bacon. The site also contains some fine travel writing.

Geoff Murray's
Wilderness and Landscape Photography

Geoff is a talented landscape photographer based in Tasmania. His work is of excellent quality and captures the remarkable beauty of this remote island.

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