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by Miles Hecker

Lewis Creek

Point of Transition 
© Miles Hecker


Yellowstone is not known for astounding landscape photo locations. The best seasons for landscape work are late spring and winter. In late spring the green look of its open meadows can be quite enticing. This is also the best time to photograph the classic view of Yellowstone Falls from artists point.

In winter the right combination of snow and clouds can turn almost any scene into a winter wonderland. The key to all this is of course the light. Sometimes soft light and dramatic clouds can do the trick. Sometimes the direct golden light of early morning or late afternoon works its magic. Keep your eyes and imagination open to the vistas opening before you.


In Yellowstone the constantly changing weather controls the light and with it your opportunities. As such any time during the day might end up being a good time to shoot


LENS: 28-70mm on a full frame camera, 17-55mm on a crop sensor camera


Slide films: Fuji Provia 100F or Velvia 100F Kodak E100VS

Negative films: Fuji Reala


See: Digital cameras for landscape work.


About Miles Hecker

Miles has been involved with photography for over forty years. He teaches digital photography at Casper College in Casper,Wyoming. His photos have won awards from Natures Best magazine,, The Luminous Landscape and Wyoming WIldlife . Miles' photos have been published in American Vignette, Backpacker Magazine, Natures Best Images, Popular Photography, Wyoming Audubon, and Wyoming Wildlife. He is co-founder of WyoFOTO LLC.



December, 2010
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