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Square Top Mountain

Square Top Mt

Square Top Mountain
© Miles Hecker



Square Top Mt. is located just to the south of Lower Green River Lake. Access to the area is via state highway 352. The first road portion is paved highway. The last 23 miles are gravel and slow speeds are necessary. The US Forest Service recreation site at the lakes is typically open June 15 to September 10.

Most people take the iconic photo of Square Top Mt. from Lower Green River Lake hoping for a reflection. Unfortunately, early in the morning when the lake is calm, the mountain is in the shade or backlit. I took this shot in late afternoon and used the bridge across the Green River at the outlet of the lake as a forground element.


Late afternoon on a partly cloudy day in late summer is the best time for this shot.The shot above was taken at the equivalent of a 100mm focal length lens on a full frame camera.


LENS: 70-200 mm on a full frame camera or a 50-150mm on a crop sensor camera


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