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Travel Articles

Some of the articles on these pages were written for different print and web based publications over a period of several years.  They have been left in their original form, though some have been edited for typos and other minor corrections.  Please make note of the year of original publication as much may have changed in either my technique or specific location information since original publication.

Some articles are new and written specifically for this site.  They are dated as shown.

Arches & Canyonlands National Parks

Utah has some of America's most spectacular national parks.  This article is a photographer's guide containing some detailed (though somewhat dated) technical advice.

Monument Valley & Canyon De Chelley

A brief photographic travel guide from a trip taken in the spring of 1999.  Both are quite remote, yet, a must visit for landscape photographers.

Zion National Park

A visit to the Garden of Eden.

Death Valley

Exploring one of the most inhospitable yet photographically challenging locales in the American Southwest.

Joshua Tree National Park

Discovering one of the least known National Parks.

Bryce Canyon

A all-too brief look at Bryce Canyon.

Eastern Sierras

Though not a travel article per-se this series of pages chronicles a trip taken in October '99 to the Eastern Sierras, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Mono Lake, Yosemite, and a re-visit to Death Valley. 

Appalachian Adventure

Two months spent in Atlanta, Georgia during the Fall of 2000 provided me with an extensive opportunity to do photography in the mountains of northern Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Travels Abroad

Some foreign locales along with shooting tips.

Travels With My Camera

Advice and techniques on planning a productive and enjoyable photographic trip.

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