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For a period of about ten years I traveled extensively in Europe and Asia on business.  Regrettably my agenda was usually so full that opportunities to do photography were few and far-between.

But, I almost always had my Leica M6 and a couple of lenses with me, and was able to capture some memorable images.  Though not always "landscapes" they are more than snapshots, at least for me.


Just a one hour hydrofoil ride from Hong Kong lies the ex-Portuguese colony of Macao. Today it is primarily a casino locale, but there is much of historic interest to see.

While having a business lunch overlooking the harbor we watched rehearsals for the annual Dragon Boat races.

Dragon Boats - Macau - Dragon Boat Races— Macao— 1996

Taken with a Leica M6 and 90mm Summicron f/2.8 lens


Paris 29 — France 1997

Where's the Eiffel Tower?  I adore Paris and visit there as often as I can.  But, it's hard not to take tourist pictures.  This image is part of a series called the Urban Landscape.

Photographed with a Leica M6 and 35mm Summilux f/1.4 lens on Provia 100 colour transparency film and then converted into a Duotone in PhotoShop.

Tree & Eiffel Tower, Paris 1999

Ok. Here's the Eiffel Tower. On a return trip to Paris in October '99 I was wandering along the Seine one rainy afternoon and ended up at the inevitable landmark. I was using the wide-format Hasselblad XPan, a replacement for my old Leica M6, but couldn't bring myself to shoot the inevitable vertical. I walked for a while beneath the tower admiring its architectural grace and came across this wonderful old elm tree whose canopy matched the arch of the girders almost perfectly.


Poppies, England 1996 (D)

On a drive through the English countryside we came across this field of poppies. I'd never seen them in bloom like this before and was eager to capture the feeling in me that they created. It took almost 3 years till I got to printing this image, but it's been worth the wait.

Photographed with a Leica M6 and 35mm Summilux f/1.4 lens on Provia 100

A Bali Portfolio

Temple Dragon, Bali ‹ 2000

In the winter of 2000 my wife and I took a vacation in Bali, Indonesia, with stop offs in Hong Kong and Singapore. Though not a photographic trip per se, I took along my Hasselblad XPan system and new 30mm ultra-wide angle lens. This portfolio features photographs from that trip.


Maui Sunset #1 ‹ 2000

Most of my visits to Hawaii have, strangely enough, been on business. Though I love the islands I've done little photography there. A brief trip in June, 2000 lead to a few photographic opportunities. While people in the landscape aren't usually my thing this opportunity to emulate one of the traditional cheesy Hawaiian postcards was beyond resisting.

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