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A Monograph

26 Photographs : 1996 — 2001
Michael H. Reichmann

"I am thrilled with the quality of the book and the images.
The sheer quality of each image and the use of colour makes this volume 
a feast for any lover of landscape photography. 
The layout is simple, but exceedingly stylish. 
Presentation I thought was superb and the binding as fine as one could hope for."

Creating The Portfolio

By early 2001 I realized it was time to summarize the past 5 years of my landscape photography in book form as well as in a gallery exhibition. It has been several years since my last public show, and choosing which images to publish and exhibit was a challenge. 

Ansel Adams is reported to have once said that if he took one exceptional photograph a month he considered himself fortunate. This, from a prolific photographer who took tens of thousands of frames during his lifetime.

I found I had 26 photographs from the past 5 years which I considered exceptional, and these have now been published in a custom-bound monograph of original colour prints.

The Book

The book is approximately 11.5" X 17.5" in size and is 30 pages. 26 pages are original giclée photographic prints, not offset reproductions. There is a title page, a declaratory page including an artist's statement, and finally 2 pages of thumbnail images which provide information about the locations, the photographs and the tools used to create them. The edition is limited to just 100 copies.

All prints are hand-made by the photographer on Epson Archival Matt paper using archival pigment-based inks, with an Epson 4000 printer. These prints are rated by Wilhelm Research as having an expected life without fading or colour shift exceeding 100 years. The prints therefore have archival characteristics exceeding that of almost any existing colour photographic process, including Cibachrome and Dye Transfer.

Each book is custom hand-bound by one of Canada's foremost bookbinders, Don Taylor. The pages are hand stitched and the hard cover is wrapped in handsome black linen. The slipcase is also linen wrapped. All binding materials are acid free and of museum grade.

The 26 prints are on 11" X 17" paper and the photographs themselves range in size up to 9" X 15" depending on the aspect ratio of the image. All prints indicate the date the image was taken, are titled, and each is hand signed in the lower right-hand corner.

Ordering & Price

This beautifully produced monograph is priced at USD $495. Since the book contains 26 individual original hand-made photographic prints, the price per print is far less than charged either on my site or through galleries.

The monograph is limited to just 100 copies and each book is hand numbered in series. (There are approximately 30 copies remaining available as of April, 2004).

The book began shipping on October 1, 2001. Every order placed through this web site will be shipped to anywhere in the world by Federal Express at no additional charge.

You may order online right now using our totally secure credit card ordering system. Or, you may order online and pay by money-order.  

We Accept Orders From
Anywhere in The World
Using Visa / MasterCard / Discover

Find Out More / Place My Order

If you have any question before ordering you may contact me at any time.

If you have any problems placing your order please read this FAQ.

The Video Story

The production of this monograph, with a particular emphasis on the printing, preparation and bookbinding process, is explored in a documentary in Issue #7 of The Luminous Landscape Video Journal

Purchaser's Comments

Exquisite. Breath-taking. My profound thanks for creating and sharing an object of lasting beauty.

James Cowden — USA

I received the Monograph today and I'm VERY pleased! What wonderful images! I only hope that I can get within spitting distance of your ability at some point!

Bruce A. Krobusek — USA

I was a little concerned when I ordered the Monograph that, based on the comments of others, my expectations might be too high. I needn't have worried - it is superb. Each picture is magnificent, and the way in which they have been compiled as a set, and the presentation, are just as impressive. The price might initially seem high, but for 26 original prints of this quality, presented so superbly, it represents remarkable good value.

The work as a whole is both inspired and inspiring - while I may feel jealous that I can't achieve anything of this quality, it provides motivation to try to improve my own work, even though I have no expectation of actually achieving anything approaching your level of results.

Mike Hessey — U.K.

My monograph arrived today. Firstly was fast and excellent service. Secondly can I say that I am thrilled with the quality of the book and the images contained therein. 

The sheer quality of each image and the use of colour makes this volume a feast for any lover of landscape photography. The layout is simple, but exceedingly stylish. Presentation I thought was superb and the binding as fine as one could hope for. Sure the book isn't cheap, but in terms of what you get, then it is very good value.

Thank you once more for producing such a unique collection of images.

Graham McDermott — U.K.

When I got home from teaching tonight, the Monograph had arrived. Of course, opening the package and looking at your work was the first thing to do. Michael, I am very impressed. The colors of some of the pictures I knew from you web pages look even more vivid than on screen; and different at times. I think you did a great job, and I am proud to have received one of the first copies (5/100). Thank you very much! Let me just say thanks again for making such a great work of  photographic art available.

Günter Haika — Austria

I received the “Monograph” today quite to my surprise. I’m speechless and really don’t know what to say. It’s amazing, far beyond my expectations which were quite high. You have quite an eye and this is quite an accomplishment. Thank you again for sharing your vision with me and thank you for the invaluable web site. Without the Luminous Landscape, I would much farther back in my own photographic development and less exposed to your work.

Eric Trexler — USA

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