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Items of interest listed on What's New often get overlooked when there's a lot going on. This section is intended to provide a venue for announcements and that are of longer-term interest.

This page was last updated in February, 2005
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Beginning on March 3, 2005 a gallery exhibition of my photographs from Bangladesh, along with those by Pierre Claquin, will be on exhibition for 3 weeks at the Pikto Gallery in Toronto. The opening reception, sponsored by Canon, Canada will take place on March 3rd at 6pm.


Feb, 2004

PC Magazine has just published their new book by Don Willmott titled Best of the Internet. This 450-page guide to the Web features 1,000 sites in about 100 categories. I'm pleased to note that The Luminous Landscape was selected as the top pick in its category.

PC Magazine has ranked the Luminous Landscape among its Top 101 Most Incredibly Useful Sites.

The March 25, 2003 issue of PC Magazine features its annual 200 Hottest Sites, and I'm very pleased to announce that The Luminous Landscape has been listed as one of the 100 Best Classic Web Sites. In fact this is the only web site about photography that was selected for the magazine's listing.


I'm pleased to mention that the Yahoo Directory has listed this site as one of its top 10 Most Popular online photographic resources.

An Advanced Guide to Digital Photography


Published in early 2005, this book by Vincent Oliver provides an excellent insight into advanced digital techniques and also looks at the work of leading photographers. I'm please to have a section of this book devoted to my work.

Shooting Digital

Photographer and author Mikkel Aaland has just published an excellent beginner to intermediate guide to digital photography titled Shooting Digital. It contains a chapter devoted to digital exposure techniques, and is about the work and digital techniques of yours truly.

The Best of Nature Photography

I am one of the featured photographers in a new book titled The Best of Nature Photography. Published by Amhert Media, this book features the work of 40 top nature and wildlife photographers, including Art Morris, John Sexton and Jim Zuckerman. The book contains more than 150 photographs and detailed articles on how these photographers work. I'm honored to be part of this talented group. Naturally, I recommend the book highly. (I would even if I wasn't in it. It's a great book).

The Video Journal

Issue # 11 of The Video Journal, a unique DVD-Video based quarterly magazine on photography is now shipping. There are Preview Video Clips from all issues online. We are now going into our fourth year of publication.

The Monograph and Illuminations

I am proud to offer The Monograph, a collection of my finest photographs covering the years 1996 — 2001. This book contains my most outstanding work created during this period. It consists of 26 hand-made giclée prints hand stitched and bound by one of the country's finest custom bookbinders into a hard-covered linen wrapped volume with slip case.

After just two years in print, there are now only 25 of the original 100 copies left available.

NewFirst made available in late 2004, Illuminations is a portfolio of 20 of my finest photographs produced between 2002 and 2004. This print edition is limited to just 50 copies.

Travel, Shoots and Workshop

The following are photographic and personal trips as well as workshops that I have planned during the coming months that will result in articles, portfolios and possibly Video Journal content:

Florida and the Everglades – private shoot. Spring 2005

Spring in North Carolina – private shoot. Spring 2005

Big Sur – private shoot. Spring 2005

Denmark and Norway – private shoot. Summer 2005

An Algonquin Park Moose Expedition and Master Class WorkshopSold Out . Fall 2005

Guilin, China – possible workshop. Fall 2005

Antarctic Expedition — December, 2005Sold Out

Namibia – possible workshop – Spring 2006

Galapagos – possible workshop – Spring 2007

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