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An Optical Analysis

This test of the camera name camera and lens was conducted using DxO Analyzer. If you are not familiar with this optical testing system please read this tutorial. Without being familiar with how the tests are conducted, and how to read them, there's not much point in proceeding.

The purpose of this test report is to support the empirical findings of my field test of this system. Though the tests on this page are interesting and informative (as well as accurate and repeatable), they really only tell us about selected aspects of a camera or lens' capabilities.

About The Tests

As you can see from the DxO Tutorial there are a large number of charts and text graphs produced for each of the four tests — Distortion & Chromatic Aberration, Vignetting, Noise and Blur. A more comprehensive test would have to be done at all available apertures, all available ISO speeds, and at a large cross-section of focal lengths (in the case of zoom lenses). This would not only take an inordinately large amount of time to conduct, but would take up far to much space here and likely not be of much interest.

Consequently in this and other tests using DxO Analyzer I am publishing just one complete set of charts — those done at f/5.6, which is typically an optimum aperture for most lenses. In the case of zoom lenses this test is also done at a mid-position in the lens' focal length range. I also post data for other F stops, ISO ratings and in the case of zooms a selection of focal length, including the widest and longest. In my comments to each section I also draw attention to extremes of performance, such as maximum vignetting, greatest and least noise, etc.

To jump directly to the definition and tutorial for a specific test click on the DC, V, N or B logos.

Distortion and Chromatic Aberration

name @ ISO ??.
Focal Length = ??mm (??mm equivalent)

green chart
yellow chart
blue / magenta chart
red plane
blue plane




blue chart

vigneting chart

normalization graph















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