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Win a DSLR Contest

Summer - 2009

The winner of this contest was Serge Polevitzky of Marina, CA

Is there a new DSLR that you have your eye on? Maybe the Nikon D5000 or the Canon T1i? Possibly the Panasonic GH1 or the Pentax K7 have caught your attention.

Whatever camera you fancy – any camera – could become yours in our Summer 2009 Win a DSLR Contest. Any camera along with any lens or set of lenses – up to a value of US $2,000 will be your prize.

What do you need to do to win? Simply purchase any download video or tutorial from our online store. Any Luminous Landscape download product purchased between the end of out last contest and September 30, 2009 counts as a seperate entry.


Why The Contest?

The reason is simple. To entice you to purchase one of our products – either a download tutorial such as The Luminous Landscape Guide to Camera Raw, From Camera to Print, our Lightroom Tutorial or one of our many other download videos and Video Journals. Every one of our products contains useful photography lessons and photography tips. The tutorials are in-depth photography classes with instruction by experts.


The Sponsor

This contest is sponsored in part by B&H Photo our exclusive advertising partner. You can choose any DSLR and lens that B&H sells as your prize, up to a total value of US $2,000. Your camera and lens will be shipped to you anywhere in the world.


The Fine Print

There's always fine print, right? There isn't much, but here it is.

This contest is open to anyone in the world, except where prohibited by law. The prizes must be accepted as awarded. There is no cash value. Shipping is included to anywhere in the world, but any local taxes or import duties are the responsibility of the winner.

Any purchases made from Our Online Store between our last contest and September 30, 2009 will be eligible.

And finally, to satisfy the law in some countries – no purchase is necessary. You will be entered into the competition by simply registering your name in our store. But, if you do this, while within the letter of the law you are of course defeating the purpose of the whole exercise. You must decide if that's really what you want to do.


Enter The Contest Now With Your Purchase

The winner of this contest was Serge Polevitzky of Marina, CA


July – September, 2009


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