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Arctic Butterfly

Take 2

I'll cut right to the chase. The Arctic Butterfly is the best product that I've yet seen for cleaning your digital camera's sensor while traveling.

Last October, when the product was first released, I had high praise for it, which you can read in my original review. I have just received a review sample of the latest version, called Arctic Butterfly 724, and it's a world apart from the first version. Functionality is similar. Both will clean your sensor. But the new version is so much better made and packaged and protected from damage when traveling, that it might as well be regarded as a totally new product.

Visible Dust, its maker, offers many products for cleaning sensors, but the new Arctic Butterfly not only works very effectively but it also is now extremely well made and packaged.

The new 724 model is shipping immedediatly from the Visible Dust web site, and should be available through retailers in early June. CDN $99.95, approx US $90.18, €71.43

Highly recommended.

May, 2006



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