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The Ultimate Universal Electrical Plug Adaptor
– The Road Warrior –

A Quick Take Review By

Andy Biggs

The Road Warrior

A few months back, while out on safari, Thomas Knoll (one of the original authors of Photoshop), introduced me to the Road Warrior universal electrical plug. I have seen devices like this in the past, but nothing so compact and, well, universal. What a wonderful product. It seems that I only see great innovations like this from the Japanese market, and I was glad to finally find a source for such a product here in the US. The Road Warrior allows me to carry a small and lightweight adapter that will work in any country around the world. Time to put away my multiple sets of plugs. I usually take 3 or 4 adapters on each trip, per country. Sometimes I might need 3 totally different sets of adapters for a single trip. Not any longer, since I found this product.

You can purchase the Road Warrior from Madsonline for US$28 each.

The Road Warrior - 2 pieces

The Road Warrior - setup in just one of many possible combinations


Andy Biggs spends a few months each year in Tanzania, the 'home of the safari', to teach workshops and to share his enjoyment of the wildlife, landscapes and people of Tanzania. If you are interested in joining him on one of his safaris, you can contact him at, view his workshop schedule on this site, or visit his website at


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