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Adios Purple Fringing

Chromatic Aberration Hits The Mat

Adobe has just introduced Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate 2. Just another minor tweak? No, not by half. LR4.1 RC2 includes a major new chromatic aberration removal tool, effective beyond anything that we've seen before from any raw software.

Lightroom has long had an automatic CA removal tool, effective against red-green and blue-yellow fringes caused by lateral chromatic aberration. But the new manual tool is effective against purple and green fringing in out-of-focus areas and along high-contrast edges. These are caused by axial chromatic aberration which is the results of all wave lengths not focusing at the same plane, aberrations in sensor microlenses, and lens flare.

This is a significant new capability in Lightroom and we all owe its primary author, Eric Chan, a vote of thanks for providing us with this terrific new tool.

You can find out much more about how to use this new tool here.

April 2012

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