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Canon Powershot G9

Getting it (Almost) Right

Last year at about this time Canon brought out the G7 camera. It seemed to offer just about everything that a serious photographer might want in a pocket digital camera.

(If you want to know what makes the G9 special, please read my G7 review for last year, as the camera's major attributes and fundimental design have not charged. There's no point in my repeating them here).

The G7 fell shy of the mark in one major area and that was in ommitting raw mode. How any product planner could have conceived of a high-end pocket camera for the serious photographers and then left off raw mode is beyond me, but there you are. But if nothing else, Canon perservers till they get it right, and the G9 is now with us and along with the addition of raw mode has a number of additional new features.

So, with the addition of raw mode, Is the Canon G9 now the holy grail of pocket digital cameras? Read on.



December, 2007


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