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Leica S2 Firmware Update

by Mark Dubovoy

As I reported recently in my article Thoughts on Medium Format Cameras, Leica was about to introduce new firmware for the Leica S2. They showed a beta version of the firmware at Photokina in September.  The new firmware is now available.

There are a number of improvements. Some of the key ones are as follows:

- Longer exposure times.

- Reduced size of RAW files which allows more shots per card.

- Much faster file transfer for tethered shooting.

- One can now set the shadow and highlight values at which clipping is shown in the display. 

- The rear AE/AF button now has many  more options for programming.

- The 4 main buttons around the display also have more options for programming.

- AF performance has been further refined.

- The new histogram in review mode is now by far the best of any camera I have ever seen.  It is much larger than before and occupies almost the entire bottom area of the rear screen. It is much easier to read than before.  More importantly, Leica claims that the histogram is built from the real RAW data and not a quick JPEG.  The Histogram in playback mode is also significantly improved.

- The drive mode is now saved as part of the user profiles.  This is much better than before.  For instance, one user mode can be for landscape with manual focus, aperture preferred, spot metering and mirror up with self timer delay, while another user profile may be for shooting action with continuous autofocus, shutter preferred, multiple point exposure and continuous shooting.  In the past, the switch from  mirror up with self timer delay to continuous shooting had to be done manually.  The profiles did not save the drive mode. Now, one just has to switch profiles and everything is there.

Nick Rains has put together a short description of the new features, including some nice pictures. Click here to go to Nick's site.

December, 2010

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