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DxO Analyzer

Glass Target Mounting Setup

My available work space does not have any large flat walls, especially on the long dimension. This presented a problem in terms of mounting the DxO Analyzer test target. My solution was to purchase some Manfrotto grip equipment to create a suitable free-standing mounting system. This utilizes all standard parts, and cost approximately U.S. $300 to put together.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.


The following are the components used to construct this mounting system. All parts are from Manfrotto and the part numbers shown are from their catalog. Retail price in $ Canadian is shown. Note that either two or four of everything is required.

Master Stand 5/8
Ea. 139.95
2 required

Superclamp without Pin
Ea. $34.95
2 required

Lite Tite
Ea. $49.95
2 required

Mini Clamp W/O Stud
Ea. $23.99
4 required

Adapter Spigot
Ea. $19.99
4 required

Michael Reichmann

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