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Photography equipment and product reviews


Equipment — An overview of the cameras and other equipment that I use
Panoramic Photography — An introduction to wide-format photography
Scanning Panoramics — Hints on how to handle panoramic film with your scanner
Simulating a Central ND Filter Digitally — Forgot to your your center ND filter? Here's a digital fix.
Fuji 617 — A unique panoramic camera. Half of a 5X7" frame and hand-holdable
Hasselblad XPan — The most exciting new camera in years. Goodbye Leica
XPan 30mm Lens — A hand-on review of this unique ultra-wide angle lens for the Hasselblad XPan
XPan Stitching — Turning the XPan into a 6X7cm camera through software
Noblex 135u — A unique rotating lens ultra-wide angle wide angle 35mm camera
Noblex 150UX — A 120 roll-film panoramic camera which offers 135 degree coverage
Horseman SW612 Pro — A reader-provided review of this fascinating wide-format camera system
Silvestri SLV — A contributor's review of a unique high-quality camera system from Italy
Seitz Roundshot — A contributor's review of this unique ultra-panoramic camera system
PowerStitch — A review of the most powerful program available for stitching and compositing panoramic photographs
Mamiya 7II — An excellent medium-format rangefinder system
Mamiya 7 II — A personal hands-on field report
Bronica RF645 — A review by Mike Johnson
Petzl Zipca — The world's finest headlamp for photographers
Canon S9000 wide carriage photo printer — at last, some real competition for Epson
35mm Camera Systems
Solid Cat — A not so favourable review of the 20 year old Vivitar Series 1 800mm mirror lens
Canon 300mm f/2.8L IS Lens — An expensive but excellent fast and long lens for wildlife applications
Wimberley Sidekick — A must-have gimbal mount specifically for fast long lenses
Custom Function 19 — A description of how to add this if you have an EOS3 or later camera
Two Pocket 35mm Cameras — you can take it with you, and get great results
Canon EOS-1V — A hands-on review of Canon's new flagship camera
Canon Macro Photography — The 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM and MR-14 EX ring-lite
ES-E1 Software — Provides digital camera type record keeping and function control to the EOS-1V
EOS-1n — A review of the venerable EOS-1n by nature's Jim Erhardt
Canon Lenses — A Personal Selection — what lenses I use, and why
Canon 16~35mm f/2.8L — a review by Fred Miranda and a comparison with its predecessor
Canon 400mm DO IS super-telephoto lens using Diffractive Optic technology
Canon 70~200mm f/2.8L IS — making one of the best Canon zooms even better
400 Vs. 400 — comparing the Canon 100~400mm IS zoom and the new 70~200mm IS lens with 2X extender
Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller — a very handy device for anyone doing time lapse or astro-photography
Better Beamer — A simple, inexpensive solution for telephoto fill-flash when shooting wildlife
Leica M6 TTL — Leica Lenses and accessories — a review and a personal reminisce about Leicas past
Leica WA Viewfinder  — A review of the latest viewfinder for M series Leicas
Leica Noctilux f/1.0 — One the fastest lenses ever made
Leica M7 — a review of the latest generation of one of the world's great and classic cameras
Voigtländer 12mm f/5.6 Heliar — The widest rectilinear lens ever made for 35mm cameras
Pinhole Cameras — How to make them and use them. By David Stein
Battle of The Ultrawides — A field review of three ultrawide angle lenses
Nikon Super Coolscan 8000ED — a really cool medium format scanner
Acratech Ultimate Ballhead — a new versatile head reviewed by Steve Kossack
Daylight Fill-Flash — some thoughts by Steve Kossack
Wimberley Gimbal Head — a must solution for very long and heavy lenses
Manfrotto #359 Long-lens Support — supporting long lenses without a second tripod
Manfrotto Carbon One — a carbon fiber tripod that appears to offer a lot for the money, by Jeff Simpson
Lens Sharpness — The Never-Ending Quest — the truth about lens sharpness
Acratech Modified Velbon 630 carbon fiber tripod — a review by Steve Kossack
Medium Format Systems — The Rollei 6008. My most-used camera system
The Hasselblad ArcBody — A pocket-sized view camera
ArcBody Inverter Mount — A falling-front accessory for the ArcBody 
Pentax 67II — A review 
Pentax 400mm f/4 ED(IF) — a review of Pentax's longest practical super-telephoto for the Pentax 67 system
Pentax 600mm f/4 — a medium format super-telephoto reviewed
Pentax 645NII — a review of Pentax's latest autofocus medium format SLR
Pentax 645NII Mirror Lock Up — a test to see who's been right for the past 18 years
Pentax AF500FTZ — and Daylight Balanced Fill Flash for the Pentax 67 and 645
Pentax 2X vs. Pentax 1.4X Extender — A review, and a lesson in the perils of long-lens testing
Fuji GX680iii — can an overlooked studio camera find happiness in the field, by Danny Burke
Large Format Systems — The Toyo VX125
Large Format Images — Photographs taken with a Toyo VX125 4X5 camera
Ebony RSW45 — a lightweight flatbed 4X5" camera suitable for landscape work
Film & Formats  — Understand formats and film
ISO 400 Transparency Films — a test of a number of poor choices
Velvia Vs. Provia — Contributor Jonathan Sachs tests which film is best for digital scanning
Understanding Sharpness — The roles of resolution and acutance and how sharpness is measured
Understanding Medium Format — a primer on the jargon, and the equipment available
Stopping Down — Theory Vs. reality
Digital Processing  — A look at my current and evolving digital darkroom system
Microtek ArtixScan AS4000t scanner. A sneak preview
Epson Perfection 1200U Photo — A medium format scanner for those on a budget
Drum Scanners — Can a fine-art large-format photographer find happiness with a $50,000 scanner?
Polaroid 4000 scanner — The web's first hands-on review
Imacon FlexTight Scanners — A drum scanner that fits on your desktop, though maybe not in your wallet
APS Adapter Review — APS scans with higher resolution than 35mm had last year? 
Pixels Vs Film — An essay by Brad Templeton
System Colour Calibration — How to make your printer and monitor talk the same language 
Archival Digital Processing — A look at the new archival inks and papers that are revolutionizing desktop printing
Archival Print Test — An on-going fade resistance test of archival ink-jet papers and inks with surprising results
LightJet Vs. Inkjet — A comparison of the best commercial continuous-tone printer and Epson's finest
Epson 1270 Printer Review — Finally, an inkjet printer to replace the darkroom
Epson 7000 — Early information on wide-format archival printers
Epson 2000P — The first truly archival desktop inkjet printer reviewed
Premium Luster Photo Paper — A panoramic paper for Epson 1270 and 2000P printers
Epson — The Next Generation — News of the latest archival photo printers
Epson 9500 — A hand-on report on Epson's wide-carriage archival printer
Epson 7500 — A hand-on report on the 9500's smaller brother
Epson 1280 Printer Review — The 2001 model is only a modest upgrade
Epson 5500 Printer Review — Industrial strength archival printing, by Cris Daniels
Epson C80 printer — and also ColorLife paper, by Alain Briot

Epson Stylus Pro 9600 — Epson newest large-format archival printer, and UltraChrome inks, review by Alain Briot
Epson 2200 — The desktop photographic printer comes of age.
Matte Black Ink — an 8th ink for the Epson 2200 / 2100 that dramtically improves prints on matte paper
Velvet Fine Art Paper — A first look at Epson's latest paper for Ultrachome pigment inks
Epson Gray Balancer — The software that Epson America thinks you're too stupid to use

Epson 2200 Printing Techniques, in Both B&W and Colour
— Alternatives, and how to get it right
B&W Printing Using Photorealistic Mode — using the Epson 2200 for B&W, by Carl Schofield
Making Beer — Downloading the Epson Gray Balancer, and, using Kodak's equivalent to the Epson Reference Card

Pen & Ink — A PhotoShop technique for creating a watercoloured pen & ink look, by Gregory George
Storage & Archiving — How to manage a large collection of scanned images
Understanding Resolution — The basics of Input and Output resolution in digital imaging
Soft Proofing — Understanding one of Photoshop 6.0's invaluable new features
Ott-Lite — An inexpensive solution to daylight print evaluation for the desktop colour printer
Digital Split Neutral Density — Using Photoshop when a split ND wasn't available in the field
Duotones — Creating the look of sepia, selenium and gold toned images within Photoshop
Monitor Profiling — The How's and Why's of properly setting up your monitor and computer
Monitor Calibration using ColorBlind ProveIt, and the Sequel Chroma 4 spider by Alain Briot
iCorrect Professional — A review of a very worthwhile Photoshop plug-in
iCorrect EditLab — the world's first review of an exciting new image editing plug-in for Photoshop
Digital Contact Sheets — a tutorial on how to easily make contact prints from your negatives
A Smart Sharpening Tutorial — a complex yet rewarding sharpening technique by John Brownlow
ImagePrint RIP from Colorbyte is reviewed by contributor Chris Daniels. This is a RIP for large format inkjet printers 
ICE — A tutorial by Cris Daniels on how best to use ICE with Minolta and Nikon scanners
Piezography — A review of a revolutionary B&W printing technology
Color Mechanic — A review of a must-have Photoshop plug-in
Perspective control — how to correct building tilt when shooting from street level
Chromatic Aberration Controlled — a software solution to an optical problem found in some long lenses
Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro — a review of a new medium format scanner, by Peter Wolff
HS-P1 multi-format film holder for the Minolta Dimage Multi scanner, by David Mantripp
The Imaging Factory — a review of three Photoshop plug-ins
Ilford Galerie — a review of 4 new premium inkjet papers 
Red-Eye Reduction using Photoshop, by Neil Duffin
Legion Professional Digital Art Papers — a new line of inkjet papers is reviewed
The Fuji Pepper-Grain Mystery — investigated and solved, by Nick Rains
Continuous Inking Systems — a review of a convenient and money-saving volume inkjet system
Archiving Images — Approaches to Storage & Retrieval — strategies for managing digital image files
Panoramic Stitching Using Photoshop — creating stitched composites without specialized software
Colorbyte ImagePrint 4.0 RIP — a review of a software-only RIP that may be just what you need, by Chris Daniel

Digital Cameras — Reports, reviews and commentary on the evolving world of high-end digital cameras and backs

Canon D30 Review — A reprint of my formal D30 review from the Mar/Apr 2001 issue of Photo Techniques magazine
Nikon 5700 — The disappointment of the digicam

Nikon D1  — Historical — The harbinger of things to come in 2000

Canon Digital EOS-D30 — An early hands-on review of Canon's first digital SLR
Lead Up — Reference to D30 announcements and early review
ISO Comparison — You hardly lose any quality at ISO 400
RAW Vs. JPG — Comparing quality difference with RAW mode Vs. JPG
D30 Vs. Film — A controversial report on the 1st digital camera to better film
Managing Megabytes — How to handle large quantities of files from digital cameras
Video Review — Using the Belkin USB VideoBus to review D30 output on a notebook computer
BG-ED3 — The battery grip for the D30. A must-have accessory
Custom Function 12 — The most useful Custom Function on the D30
Flash & Skin Tones Testing the built-in flash with indoor portraits
Digital is Not FilmThe raw files is a score to be played
Aurora — On my sixth day of testing, an Aurora.
Gripes & Grumbles — What I don't like about the D30
A D30 Portfolio — Photographs taken with the D30 along with technical discussions
The Digital Wallet — A flawed but useful product for D30 owners
A D30 Zoo Day — A rainy day with the D30 and a 300mm f/2.8L IS at the zoo
Sigma 14mm — A review of a v e r y wide lens that mates well with the D30
ST-E2 Fixing the D30's autofocus problems with a remote infra-red trigger.
CRW Bridge — A shareware utility for viewing RAW files instantly full-screen
BreezeBrowser — the best program yet for viewing and converting D30 RAW files
isoR — A review of two Photoshop Actions that reduce noise in high ISO images taken with the D30
High-Pass Sharpening — A unique approach to image sharpening in Photoshop   
Canon EOS D60 — a field report on Canon's latest 6MP digital SLR
Canon D60 Vs. Medium Format — can a 35mm sized DSLR equal Medium Format image quality?
D60 First Impressions — an exclusive commentary by famous scientist and author, Harold Merklinger
Butterfly Macro Photography — a Canon D60 portfolio using the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro and MR14EX Ringlight
An Open Letter to Kodak — Thoughts on Kodak's high-end digital strategy
Canon EOS 1D digital SLR — a first review of a full production camera
Living With The Canon 1D — 6 months of experience with Canon's Pro-level DSLR, by Bill Caulfeild-Browne
Canon EOS 1D — a reprint of my formal review which recently in the March/April issue of Photo Techniques magazine
A Month in New Zealand  With the Canon EOS 1D — by Bill Caulfeild-Browne
Best 5 Digital Cameras of 2001 — a reprint of my article from Photo Techniques magazine 
Counting Megapixels — all megapixels are not created equal
A Hands-on Field Report on the Canon EOS 1Ds — 7 days with the newest DSLR Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Canon S30 as Meter — using a digital point-&-shoot as a portable histogram and meter when shooting large format
  • Digital Camera Image Quality — the mathematical basis for what some of us have been seeing, by Miles Hecker
  • White Balance & Exposure — Studio settings for perfect exposure and white balance, by Grant Tiddy
  • PhotoKit — a Photoshop plug-in written by some of the industry's leading imaging gurus
Genuine Fractals —  A mixed review of this image compression and expansion program
Web Building — How this web site was created and maintained
Filters & Other Tools — Using and understanding polarizers, colour enhancing filters and graduated filters in the age of PhotoShop
A Comparison of Colour Enhancing Filters — Lee, Sing-Ray and Tiffen filters compared
The Cokin Blue/Yellow Polarizer — An on-location evaluation of this useful and unique filter
PalmPilot Software for Photographers — Invaluable on-location software tools
Pocket PC Programs for Photographers — Invaluable on-location software tools
Polarizing Filters — A beginner's introduction
Tripods & Heads — The most critical equipment needed for ultra-sharp images
Meters — A review of the Sekonic L508 II multifunction light meter
An Incident Light-metering Tutorial — A tutorial for beginners on how and why to use an incident lightmeter
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