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JLM Sigma Merrill Grip

It's The Little Things That Count

Do you own or are thinking about owning a Sigma DP2 Merrill or DP1 Merrill? If not, please move along. Nothing to see here. If you do, then you're likely going to be interested in an L plate grip from John Milich.

Beautifully machined out of black oxide aluminum with a precision smooth finish, there is an Arca style horizontal as well as vertical mounting plate. It is available with or without the L plate. Not only is the built quality very high, but the base has a large cut-out that allows for access to the battery and card door without needing to remove the unit. The combination L bracket / grip is the way to go and costs $140.

After working with one for a day I ordered two more, another for my DP1M and a second as a gift for a friend. It's that good.

Ordering is non-traditional, but easy. Send an email to John at along with your mailing address and other particulars. Payment can be made via Paypal to his email address. It's as simple as that. Highly recommended.



Sigma DP Merrill Firmware and SPP Update

Assuming that you're reading this because you own, or are considering owning a DP1 or DP2 Merril, you'll be interested in the just-available firmware update and also a much anticipated update to Sigma Photo Pro.

SIGMA PHOTO PRO version 5.4 >>

SIGMA DP1 Merrill : Version 1.01 >>

SIGMA DP2 Merrill : Version 1.02 >>

October, 2012

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