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Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper

Panoramic Prints — Finally

While Epson's 1270 and 2000P printers are capable of 13" X 44" panoramic format prints there hasn't been a high-quality paper available that did justice to this capability. Now there is — Premium Luster Photo Paper

I do a great deal of panoramic or wide-format photography, using Fuji 617, Noblex 150U and Hasselblad XPan cameras. Till now when I've wanted to make large, appropriate format prints, I've had to have LightJet 5000 prints made by a custom lab. Now that Premium Luster (PLPP from now on) roll paper is available I can make 13" X 30" or so prints from these cameras with the same relatively low cost and ease that I've come to associate with the Epson 1270 and 2000P.

PLPP is very similar to Epson's new Premium Semi-Gloss. It is of similar thickness and weight and like Semigloss it has an RC base. While it looks similar, it prints somewhat differently. It seems a bit "shinier" and to have a bit more "tooth" or texture. Neither characteristic is really objectionable but I prefer the look of Semigloss

The product number is SO41409 and it is a roll 13" wide by 33 feet long. It should be used with a roll paper adaptor (which is an option on the 1270 and comes standard with the 2000P). But, if you don't have one of these it isn't a big deal. Just cut the length that you need and make sure that it doesn't buckle or warp as it's being fed into the printer. In fact neither the 1270 nor the 2000P really has appropriate paper handling capability (they are unable to move paper forward and backward in discrete increments) so paper handling is a kludge in any event.

Paper handling is a problem with or without the roll paper adaptor. The paper has a curl that goes against the loading preference of these printers. Thus, it's a futze job getting the paper to feed properly.

One final note. The package indicates that the paper is designated for the 2000P, but it works just fine on the 1270 as well. Just use the Semigloss or Glossy Paper setting.

If you print large panoramics you really need to try a roll of PLPP. Recommended.

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