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Canon EOS-D30 Review

The March / April 2001 issue of Photo Techniques magazine contains my review of the Canon EOS D30. Below are links to a variety on web-based resources which provide additional information.

The Luminous Landscape This site, which you are now visiting, contains a number of commentaries on the D30. The best place to start is with the review that I wrote when the camera system was first introduced in November, 2000. ‹ Rob is a Canadian photojournalist and a pioneer in the use of digital cameras. His site is a must for staying on top of professional digital developments. ‹ A detailed review of the D30 by a previous Nikon D1 owner.

Digital Photography Review ‹ This excellent site, run by Phil Askey, contains the most comprehensive early review of the D30.

Steve's Digicams ‹ Again, this is a very worthwhile site for exploring the world of digital cameras.

Canon's Website ‹ Here is the official Canon website for the D30.


A Web Based Photo Gallery

The Nov / Dec 2000 issue of Photo Techniques magazine contains my article on how to create a web-based photography gallery ‹ much like this site. Below are hyperlinks to various on-line resources mentioned in that article as well as others that might be of interest.

Primary Links

The Luminous Landscape ‹ This site, which you are now visiting, uses the tools and techniques discussed in the article.

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 ‹ A powerful program for the creation of web sites, this program excels when it comes to site management. Maintaining and updating a site as large as this one would be a difficult task without the power of this software tool.

Discuss ‹  User friendly and free, this discussion board software is hard to beat.

HostPro ‹ The hosting service used by this web site. Not the least expensive around, but one of the most reliable and professional.

Other Links of Interest

Building Web Sites ‹ A series of magazines featuring advice on what to do and how to do it, including worthwhile on-line content.

Sitelaunch ‹ is a site with extensive links to worthwhile tools and tips on web design and construction. ‹ One of the web's top trainers offers books, tips, on-line videos and more.

bCentral ‹ A Microsoft-run site to help you make your site known on the web. Oriented toward business users, but some useful information and links for private sites as well.

FrontPage Resources ‹ Links to various FrontPage related resources

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