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Black and White Workflow in Lightroom

Video #36 from our Fine Art Photography Tutorial:
Camera to Print & Screen 

© 2011 Terra Luma Inc.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The embedded video above is a free 21 minute segment from our 11+ hour Fine Art Photography video tutorial:  From Camera to Print and Screen.

Press the Play arrow to begin, and the multi-arrow on the right to enlarge to full screen.
Depending on the speed of your Internet connection this video may have to partially download before playing.
On slower connections, click the HD symbol to turn off High Definition 
The progress bar will show the status.

The video #36 above, explores in depth both the technical and the aesthetic process of going from this image file...

to this portfolio print.

Please enjoy this complimentary video. If you would then like to learn much more about Fine Art Photography and preparing your image files for either printing or online presentation, we invite you to purchase our full tutorial video. It is a download, with no restriction on which devices you can play it on.

More details and a full Table of Contents can be found here

Thousands of photographers from around the world have already made the purchase.

And best of all – it's On Sale at 25% Off until completion in January 2012. 

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