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Feature Articles — A listing of the various Feature Articles in the section
An Introduction to Digital Imaging — (First appeared in Photo Techniques Magazine)
A Digital Printing Class — (First appeared in Photo Techniques Magazine)
Gaussian Blur Overlays — A brief introduction to a valuable PhotoShop technique
An Introduction to Ilfochrome Printing — (First appeared in Photo Techniques Magazine)
Perspective Adjustment in Photoshop  —  How to correct keystoning in landscape photographs
Astro Photography —  Astronomical images and articles
Solar Eclipse '99 — An essay on a trip to Bucharest Romania for the August 11, 1999 Eclipse
Solar & Eclipse Photography — How to do a day-time Polar Alignment for solar imaging
Digital B&W Printing — How to use monochrome inks to produce spectacular B&W inkjet prints
White Sky Blues — Fixing those ugly white skies with Photoshop
Four Seasons  — A PhotoShop plug-in that will change your approach to landscape photography
Photographing Snow — Out-think your camera's meter and get properly exposed snowscapes
Instant Photoshop — A quick-start guide to Photoshop for photographers
Curves — A Command Primer — Contributor Miles Hecker explains how to use Curves
Blended Exposures — A PhotoShop tutorial on merging highlight and shadow exposures
Camera Movements — Understanding Tilts and Shifts — Understanding view camera movements with 35mm and medium format cameras 
Contrast Masking is a traditional technique applied within Photoshop for controlling contrast
Colour Theory — A look at formal colour theory written specifically for photographers
Understanding Bit Depth — a tutorial on hi-bit images and when and why to use them
Understanding Exposure — a tutorial on light measurement for beginners
Understanding Lens Contrast — a tutorial by Mike Johnston
Understanding Depth of Field — a tutorial on DOF, Hyperfocal distance and the Circle of Confusion
Focal Length & Depth of Field — a non-intuitive example and explanation
Understanding Polarizers — a tutorial on how to use the most important filter for colour photography 
Rangefinder Renaissance — a survey of the latest generation of rangefinder cameras
Documentary & Street Photography — discusses and illustrates techniques for doing street shooting.
Flying with Photo Equipment — Functioning in the new restrictive airline environment
A Technical View of Boke — Understanding this controversial subject. By Harold Merklinger
Lens Flare — a curious example that improved a poor photograph
Meteor Shower & Star Trail Photography — photographing astronomical phenomena without a telescope
Lightweight Backpacking For Photographers — appropriate field equipment suggestions by Mark Meyer
More About — Understanding Resolution — A re-publication of two important past articles, by Ron Harris
Why Don't They Get It?— thoughts on the foibles of the photographic industry
Film & Formats  — Understand formats and film
ISO 400 Transparency Films — a test of a number of poor choices
Velvia Vs. Provia — Contributor Jonathan Sachs tests which film is best for digital scanning
Understanding Sharpness — The roles of resolution and acutance and how sharpness is measured
Understanding Medium Format — a primer on the jargon, and the equipment available
Stopping Down — Theory Vs. reality
Digital Cameras — Reports, reviews and commentary on the evolving world of high-end digital cameras and backs

Canon D30 Review — A reprint of my formal D30 review from the Mar/Apr 2001 issue of Photo Techniques magazine
Nikon 5700 — The disappointment of the digicam

Canon Digital EOS-D30 — An early hands-on review of Canon's first digital SLR
ISO Comparison — You hardly lose any quality at ISO 400
RAW Vs. JPG — Comparing quality difference with RAW mode Vs. JPG
D30 Vs. Film — A controversial report on the 1st digital camera to better film
Video Review — Using the Belkin USB VideoBus to review D30 output on a notebook computer
BG-ED3 — The battery grip for the D30. A must-have accessory
Custom Function 12 — The most useful Custom Function on the D30
Digital is Not Film — The raw files is a score to be played
Aurora — On my sixth day of testing, an Aurora.
A D30 Portfolio — Photographs taken with the D30 along with technical discussions
The Digital Wallet — A flawed but useful product for D30 owners
A D30 Zoo Day — A rainy day with the D30 and a 300mm f/2.8L IS at the zoo
Sigma 14mm — A review of a v e r y wide lens that mates well with the D30
ST-E2 Fixing the D30's autofocus problems with a remote infra-red trigger.
CRW Bridge — A shareware utility for viewing RAW files instantly full-screen
BreezeBrowser — the best program yet for viewing and converting D30 RAW files
isoR — A review of two Photoshop Actions that reduce noise in high ISO images taken with the D30
High-Pass Sharpening — A unique approach to image sharpening in Photoshop   
Canon EOS D60 — a field report on Canon's latest 6MP digital SLR
Canon D60 Vs. Medium Format — can a 35mm sized DSLR equal Medium Format image quality?
D60 First Impressions — an exclusive commentary by famous scientist and author, Harold Merklinger
Butterfly Macro Photography — a Canon D60 portfolio using the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro and MR14EX Ringlight
An Open Letter to Kodak — Thoughts on Kodak's high-end digital strategy
Canon EOS 1D digital SLR — a first review of a full production camera
Living With The Canon 1D — 6 months of experience with Canon's Pro-level DSLR, by Bill Caulfeild-Browne
Canon EOS 1D — a reprint of my formal review which recently in the March/April issue of Photo Techniques magazine
A Month in New Zealand  With the Canon EOS 1D — by Bill Caulfeild-Browne
Best 5 Digital Cameras of 2001 — a reprint of my article from Photo Techniques magazine 
Counting Megapixels — all megapixels are not created equal
A Hands-on Field Report on the Canon EOS 1Ds — 7 days with the newest DSLR Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Canon S30 as Meter — using a digital point-&-shoot as a portable histogram and meter when shooting large format

Digital Camera Image Quality — the mathematical basis for what some of us have been seeing, by Miles Hecker
White Balance & Exposure — Studio settings for perfect exposure and white balance, by Grant Tiddy

Filters & Other Tools — Using and understanding polarizers, colour enhancing filters and graduated filters in the age of PhotoShop
A Comparison of Colour Enhancing Filters — Lee, Sing-Ray and Tiffen filters compared
The Cokin Blue/Yellow Polarizer — An on-location evaluation of this useful and unique filter
PalmPilot Software for Photographers — Invaluable on-location software tools
Pocket PC Programs for Photographers — Invaluable on-location software tools
Polarizing Filters — A beginner's introduction
Tripods & Heads — The most critical equipment needed for ultra-sharp images
Meters — A review of the Sekonic L508 II multifunction light meter
An Incident Light-metering Tutorial — A tutorial for beginners on how and why to use an incident lightmeter
Briot's View — Articles and a monthly column by photographer Alain Briot
Be Prepared — On the importance for photographers to Be Prepared 
Briot's Books — Famous photographer Alain Briot recommends his favourite landscape photography books 
Panoramics — Fascinating panoramic photographs of the Southwest by Briot taken with the Fuji 617 camera system
Using the Fuji 617 — An essay by Briot on the "whys" of using the Fuji 617 panoramic camera
Displays — The amazing Apple Cinema Display
4X5" — The Agony and the Ecstasy — Large format landscape photography
Seeing The Light — Sunrise at White Sands — A essay on "seeing" 
Matting Photographs — the why and how of this essential art
George Lamont Mancuso — a remembrance of a fascinating photographer
Shipping Your Photographs — how to do it properly when you sell your work
Homage to Edward Curtis — recreating an iconic historical photograph from the American West, by Alain Briot
The Art of Photography — Why we do it  
Essays on Understanding Light and Selecting Focal Lengths
Focal Length Comparison — Six photographs showing the coverage of different focal length lenses
On Photography  — Why We Pursue Our Passions 
The Cost of a Photographic Adventure — How to plan a major photographic trip for under $1000 
What Photography Isn'tAn essay on the art of exclusion in photography
Same Old Shot, Different Day Revisiting familiar locations for better photography
A Parable — Some thoughts on the importance of high-end equipment
Veracity — A rebuttal to an anti-digital-image-processing debate
Epson as Art — A commentary on The New York Times review of Epson's traveling exhibit of inkjet prints
Practice Makes Perfect — A essay of the issue of practicing our art and craft
On Location — Thoughts on the dangers and rewards of wilderness photography, along with some suggestions
The Project — Some suggestions on how to motivate your photography, along with two linked Projects
Where & When — An essay on Photographic Control
Leica Lens Compendium — A review of a major new (2001) book on lens design in general and the history of Leica lenses in particular. 
Country Fairs and Midways — A photo essay from the Canadian National Exhibition
A Midway Portfolio — A photo essay by John Brownlow done at the same time as the above.
Variations — Looking at how photographic variations of different sorts change the outcome
B&W Revival — an exploration of the effect that digital image processing has had on B&W photography
Selling Your Photographs — an insightful article by Alain Briot on selling ones photographs
Is Large Format Really “Best”?  — A controversial look at the issues involved with large format photography
Handmade — An examination of the status of inkjet prints as Objet D'art 
Image Security — Protecting your negatives and slides from disaster
In Memoriam — My first photograph taken after the World Trade Center tragedy — one that attempts to summarize my feelings
Ansel Adams At 100 — A review of a significant new book about America's foremost landscape photographer 
Dream Street — A review of a book and exhibition of work by W. Eugene Smith
Backpacking Photography — how to reach remote destinations with all your gear, by Jim Chow
Trekking Photography — shooting in the Himalayas, by Dave Thompson
The Three P's and L's of Photography — six rules for producing quality images
Parade photography — a street shooting portfolio and how-to
Twin Sons of Different Mothers — a look at both the conscious and unconscious elements that contribute to how photographers create images
Digital Camera Resolution Demystified — by JR Geoffrion
Procession — A street photography opportunity
Making Mega-Prints — how one photographer makes 15 foot-wide prints, by Nick Rains
Self Critiquing — The making of a photograph
Racing Photography — photographing professional auto races, by Lee Carney
Night Landscape Photography — using the digital Canon D60 to photograph moonlit and starlit scenes
Enigma Variations — Analyzing a critical factor in successful street photography
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