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Win an Amazon
Photographic Expedition

The winner of this contest was Marylou Howard of Orlando, Florida.
Marylou is a ardent wildlife photographer, and subscriber to The Video Journal. Congratulations Marylou!

A Two Week – All Expenses Paid
Expedition Aboard a Riverboat on The Amazon
with Instructors Michael Reichmann,
Andrew Rodney, and Jay Maisel

This Contest Runs until September 1, 2006

The Prize

This workshop is valued at US $8,995. Your prize will also include economy airfare from anywhere in the world to Manaus, Brazil, making the total value of the prize as much as $13,000.

You can read all about this exciting workshop on this page. The workshop sold out in just a few days to people on our waitlist, but we held back one spot for you – the winner of this contest.

"Yet another stunning Video Journal. I eagerly look forward to them every three months and am continually impressed with their quality and usefulness".




Why are we having this extraordinary contest? One reason. To help convince you to subscribe to The Luminous Landscape Video Journal, a quarterly DVD containing interviews with famous photographers, how-to's, tutorials, critiques, product reviews, and travels segments, all in broadcast quality video. It's this web site on TV, but with unique content not found anywhere else.

It's subscriptions to The Video Journal that keep this site in existence. It is our only source of revenue since we accept no advertising or commercial sponsorship of any kind.

"The inspiration I get from these DVD's is enough to make me want to quit my day job and do art for the rest of my life"!



The Rules

The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world (except where prohibited by law).

The prize has no cash equivalent, and must be taken as offered, on the dates offered.

Current subscribers through Issue #15 are automatically included.
If your subscription expires with #15, you will need to re-subscribe to be eligible.
All renewal orders count as an entry.

Don't forget to read The Fine Print.

"Thanks for all the DVD's they are GREAT, you have a subscriber for life".




The winner of this contest was Marylou Howard of Orlando, Florida.
Marylou is a ardent wildlife photographer and subscriber to The Video Journal. Congratulations Marylou!

It's simple. Just visit our store and purchase any subscription product (or renewal) valued at $89.95 or more. You will automatically be entered in our contest database. There's nothing else to do. The winner will be announced on What's New, on September 2 , 2006.


"Your video journals keep getting better and better. The quality of production just shines through".

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